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How Many Colors In An Apple Paint Project

Paint dabbers are a marvelous invention and Little Sister had lots of fun painting an apple. We used some of the apples from the neighbor’s tree and looked at all their colors. I cut an apple shape from a brown paper bag and let her dab on colors.Continue Reading

Is Music Part of Your Child’s Day?

Including music in your child’s day has long-term physical and mental health benefits. More than that, for just a minute, imagine that you can zap to the future and increase the marks in your child’s report card in reading, math, and other subjects. How? This doesn’t need a magic wand. It’s easy and fun to do with music!Continue Reading

For Summer Fun Outside Play Some Music and Dance

You may have seen this video on YouTube of a group of kids of various ages dancing in the yard. What a great idea for summer fun and learning outside: play some music and dance! Young children, especially, need to have opportunities to move their bodies in all kinds of ways. During the preschool years, kids are discovering how their bodies move in different ways and figuring out how the different parts can work together. Not just bodies, but brains need movement. Moving helps create pathways and connections in the brain. Dancing is one way to involve the whole body in moving.Continue Reading

Summer Art Fun and Learning Activities for Kids

A friend of mine is doing a summer course in Art Therapy in Europe and shared this photo. It’s the inspiration for a blog post on summer art activities for kids that combine lots of fun and learning. Art can happen outside as well as inside and art materials do not have to be limitedContinue Reading

Elsa Toilet Paper Roll Castle Craft

Making a castle for Elsa that looks like the one in Frozen needs lots of toilet paper rolls and a good chunk of time but it was a fun craft. There was a good bit of learning too with lots of problem-solving practice, patience, and doing steps in order. Discovering the bag of paper rollsContinue Reading

Drawing Soccer & Elsa Helps Learning

At our house, the match isn’t between 2 countries, it’s between soccer and Elsa. What’s happening at your house? Good thing it’s possible to have fun with both. With an inside day weather-wise, it was time to get out the crayons and markers for some drawing play. Did you know that drawing is a powerfulContinue Reading

What Makes Childhood Magical? Part 11: Singing

Sitting around a campfire and singing makes for magical moments and memories, but families can create that magic anytime. That includes lullabies, silly songs, songs to help when scared or sad, action songs, and more. Plus, songs can happen anywhere. Just in case you think songs are ordinary, here’s some proof. One is a videoContinue Reading

Goodbye Winter, Hello Springtime Song For Fun & Learning

The weather here was so sunny and warm, it felt like time to sing. So we did, with a simple song that celebrates spring and warm weather. Did you know that singing is more than fun? It supports many aspects of early learning, kindergarten readiness, and life skills. But first here’s the song, to theContinue Reading

The Art of Lego and Making Lego Art

When we think of doing art projects with kids, we think of using paint, paper, glue, playdough and other materials, but Lego and Duplo? Yes, kids can do amazing art with Lego bricks that adds another dimension to learning, fun, and kindergarten readiness. Has your child tried Lego art? Have you? When Little Sister wentContinue Reading

Medals and Moves: Dancing for Young Children

Part of the Olympic Closing Ceremonies in Russia included a wonderful ballet performance. Many of the ballet moves looked like some of those in Pairs Figure Skating and Ice Dance. Dancing is another activity that supports young children’s learning, early development and kindergarten readiness. For fun in February, I’ve included some blogs about things peopleContinue Reading

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