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Soccer Helps Kids Learn About Opposites

Learning about opposites is quite complicated for young children and needs lots of experiences; soccer can help. The excitement and involvement can help kids with opposites as they watch and play. Some soccer opposites are up-down, in-out, win-lose, happy-sad, big-little, close-far, fast-slow, and these are only a few. In a soccer game, most of theContinue Reading

Parents’ Time-Saving Ideas for Early Learning

How can I help my child with early learning? Where will I find the time? As a parent, you have probably heard how you are your child’s first teacher and just as probably wondered how you would ever find the time for helping with early learning. Is your to-do list already too long? And yourContinue Reading

Nature, Sensory, and Playground Fun Activity

Here is a page of ideas for having some nature and sensory fun on the playground. Movement activities are important to include in early learning because they connect many brain pathways. Enjoy!

Young Children’s Need for Fantasy

Fantasy and Reality; Whales and Firetrucks Young children need fantasy so that they can understand reality; fantasy is a strategy that the brain uses to figure out the world. Although this sounds like a tall tale, when we think about it, fantasy make real sense. Children have much less information than adults have in orderContinue Reading

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