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Helping Young Children with Grieving

There are many sayings about apples, such as an apple a day or the apple of my eye, that everyone knows but have you may not have heard “an apple is to remember.” Planting a tree to help remember someone special can be a very meaningful way to honor them and help young children cope with grief. The grief process can be much different for children than for adults.Continue Reading

Emotions, Not Just Academics, Important For Kindergarten

The world can be a confusing place for children but sometimes emotions are a big challenge, even for adults to figure out. The early years between the ages of birth and 5 years old are the most sensitive for learning about emotions and how to control them, especially before the major event of going to kindergarten. Children’s emotions can help or hinder their learning and also impact memory. We all remember events more clearly if they we felt particularly happy or frightened.Continue Reading

Basic Social Skills Helpful for Starting Kindergarten

This isn’t a quiz or a test, it’s a thinking question. Would you say that academic achievement or social skills would have more impact on success after graduation from school? Would it surprise you to learn that it’s social skills? And how about at the other end, that of kindergarten entry? While most of us would say that academic skills are most important for kindergarten readiness and early learning, new research is showing that social skills need to be included and very most sensitive time for the brain to learn social skills is before kids start school.Continue Reading

What Make Summer Magical for Kids? Crazy Family Stories!

Once Upon A Family… Stories are magical any time of the year, but stories about family members, are extra special to young children. The ones that are most popular are the adventures, or misadventures, of moms and dads when they were kids, and of siblings. Tucked away in my heart, are the countless times myContinue Reading

Soccer Can Help Kids Get Ready For Kindergarten

There are many ways that soccer can help kids get ready for school or daycare, and learning about winning and losing is one of them. The completion of the first round of soccer means the elimination portion has begun where only the teams that win will play any more games. Coping with wins and lossesContinue Reading

Educating the Mind, Heart, and Body of Young Children

Where is the Mind, Anyway? Last week, I heard an interview with Sam Keane, author of a new book called “The Tale of The Dueling Neurosurgeons.” In his book, he explains that for much of history, the mind was considered to be located not within the brain but within the heart. Unfortunately, it seems thatContinue Reading

Helping Young Children Learn to be Independent

Parents Are Children’s Safety Net When it comes to children’s early learning and development, parents are not just children’s first teachers, they are also their safety net. A friend of ours posted two amazing pictures on Facebook. A hummingbird had built a nest in the family basketball net. Not on the rim which is prettyContinue Reading

How to make childhood magical? Here’s a recipe…


What Makes Childhood Magical? #23: Happiness & Let It Go

When I saw this quote from Thomas Bray, I knew I had found a way to talk about emotions and feelings and how they are a part of a magical childhood. Childhood is not just ways to play and learn about the surrounding world, it’s also ways to discover the inner world of the heartContinue Reading

What Makes Childhood Magical? Part 19: Friends

The Magic of Friends During the preschool years children’s brains grow faster than at any other time in their lives, but we sometimes forget that their hearts, that is emotions and feelings, are also developing. We need to give kids the opportunities for building their social and emotional skills as well as their muscles andContinue Reading

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