Will your child be ready for kindergarten?

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Classroom-doorWhen you

Enter this

Little room

Consider yourself

One of the special

Members of a group who

Enjoys playing and learning.


Are you new to the school? I mean, the website? Welcome to 1 2 3 Kindergarten, Everything You Need To Know Before Your Child Starts School. Since parents are children’s first teachers, that makes home the first school.
The mission of 1 2 3 Kindergarten (a division of Imagination Connections Consulting) is to help parents and caregivers support children to be powerful learners.

If you are new here, the site has a HomeRoom page. Now, what’s behind the Welcome door? There’s this page, a page for you to meet me on About Mrs. A and then, 2 pages of paperwork for Contact and Privacy.

The Ready for Kindergarten tab has questions and answers about getting kids ready and why it’s so important. The play-of-the-day tab is a daily blog with activities for learning and play. There’s lots of Educational Resources: articles, books, audios, and visuals.

Pats-on-the-Back is a special page of wonderful words that kids and families have written to me and other people have written or said about me. (Just in case you miss this, of course, the names of children and families have been changed.)

Here’s a 2 minute video for those of you new to the idea of parents being the first teachers.

Now, …

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Come on in and we’ll say hello.


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