Kindergarten Readiness – June=Summer

June is summer! Well, almost. But with some schools already out and some counting down to vacation it’s alright to think about summer. No matter where and when your family is planning some holidays there are things that you can do that will help your little ones get ready for kindergarten come fall. Not just this fall, but any autumn, because children need to repeat many of the activities over and over and over, just like we do, in order to learn. Time is a difficult concept because there are so many parts and lots of different words. It’s not an object that we can touch. Nevertheless, just think of how important it is in our lives. So, June is a great month for experiencing time. Talk about how soon you might be going away–or doing a special summer event at home–and count down the days. This simple activity not only helps children create meaning for time but provides an opportunity for practicing waiting strategies, too. (See last month’s blog for helping children learn to wait.) Start the countdown, on our way to summer!

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