Memory and Baby Signs

Both children and adults have different strengths when it comes to learning. Some learn better through pictures, some with words and others with hands-on actions. While we really use all of these different styles, we usually have personal preferences. Memory can be similar. I find remembering conversations very much easier than trying to recall visual information.

hand sign for more

This month blog posts have been about helping children develop memory skills and strategies as part of readiness for kindergarten. Most activities have been oral or visual so it is more than time to include a hands-on memory one. To be more accurate, this is a hands-with activity. Sign language uses hands and actions.  Here are 3 very common signs for kids: please, thank you and more.

Please: right hand on chest below throat, move it in a circle. Thank you: hand near lips, then down, a bit like you are blowing a kiss without the kiss part. More: fingers back and forth together. Learning the actions involves both memory and practice which is good exercise for making brain connections. Do you sign with your child?


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