Kindergarten Readiness – Happy New Year Playdough Fun

Need something quiet for little hands to do today that can also meet the new year’s  resolution for learning, kindergarten readiness, and fun? Just the thing – playdough! Everyone will have a birthday in 2013 so get out the playdough, add a plate, a few accessories, and let your child create all kinds of cakes. Here’s a short list of some learning possibilities with playdough:

  • Dr. Seuss-cake2problem-solving, planning, imagining and pretending, etc.
  • sensory information such as shapes, texture, temperature, touch, size,
  • vocabulary and descriptive language, measuring, counting, pre-writing
  • fine motor dexterity and strength; hand-eye coordination, visualizing,
  • exploring numbers, letters, and shapes,
  • practicing cutting. It’s so easy and fun with playdough.

Playdough usually lasts if kept in sealed containers and can often be found on sale. You can also make it home to be even lower cost. As a bonus, it is a very quiet toy. Shh…Happy New Year.

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