Kindergarten Readiness: Science Fun with Shadows

As children play and discover, they also learn about the world and develop skills and knowledge they will use beyond kindergarten readiness. Besides rainbows, children love to play with light and shadows. Do you remember playing  with shadows?

developing kindergarten readinessThe weather doesn’t always cooperate,but if it’s sunny where you and your child are, see if you can make some shadows outside. Are they long and skinny and just very short ones. Have your child explore what happens when turning and moving. Can you run fast and step on each other’s shadow or on the dog’s shadow? What shadows do the trees and other objects make?

shadow activities for kidsIf there’s no sun, try making some inside. Hands and fingers can make all different kinds of shadow shapes. They can also help read a story about shadows, like Me and My Shadow by Arthur Dorros. Another idea in this book, is to trace shadows with chalk. Here’s a shadow riddle: What’s as big as an elephant, but doesn’t weight anything at all? An elephant’s shadow. What other fun and learning activities might your child enjoy about shadows?

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