Kindergarten Readiness: Doin’ The Easter Bunny Hop

Because so much of children’s early learning is done “on the move” today’s kindergarten readiness learn and fun play-of-the-day is also “on the move”. That is, it is on the hop. Besides the 5 senses, there are 2 more: the sense of the body’s position in space and the sense of movement. We’ve all seen how babies first learn to move their bodies bit by bit. As they move, they are actually creating brain connections that will be used for all kinds of learning later on. Movement activities are also important for young children. Just in case your child hasn’t been moving around enough today, here is a fun activity.

Easter bunny songUsing the tune to “If you’re happy and you know it” you and your child can sing:
If you like the Easter bunny, hop, hop, hop.
If you like the Easter bunny, hop, hop, hop.
If you like the Easter bunny and you think he’s kind of funny,
If you like the Easter bunny, hop, hop, hop.

Have your child try lots of different ways to hop: on two feet, on one foot and then the other, hop forwards, hop backwards, hop big bunny hops, hop little bunny hops, and more. The bunny can hop down the hall, it can hop in a circle, it can hop and hop and hop. Bunnies can even hop inside and outside.

Another variation might be an Easter egg that can roll, roll, roll. And an Easter basket that will sit, sit, sit. Maybe you can think of something that rhymes with egg and basket in the song! Rhyme or not, kids like–and need–to move. What are some other songs to encourage movement fun and learning?





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