Kindergarten Readiness: Sensory Water Play

Water play is such a common play activity that we forget it is a sensory one as well that combines fun, learning, kindergarten readiness, and play. It can be as elaborate as themed baths or as simple as a container and sink of water with a few tools and toys. Water sensory play will appeal to kids over and over and is just as much fun for older kids as younger ones, and even grownups.Just looking at Google and Pinterest for water sensory play ideas will be inspirational.

sensory water play activitiesFor a simple and quick activity, round up a few items that your child can use for scooping and pouring, such as empty plastic bottles or small containers. Measuring spoons that are plastic are also fun. While we know that a fork will not scoop up water, kids need to figure this out from experience, so toss in some picnic forks. A strainer with holes makes rain when it’s lifted up and the water drips out. If you have lots of containers that you will not need anymore, you can make some with one or more holes in the bottom, or around the sides. sensory water play activitiesKids have fun trying to hold a finger over the hole and letting bits of water come out before plugging in up again. Sponges are already holey and little hands can squeeze them as hard as they want. Some toys are water friendly too,

A water table is a standard piece of furniture in many play centers. Sometimes, they go on sale or can be picked up at a garage sale. Kids can play at the kitchen sink or in a big dish of water on the floor. Or, use a big container of water in the bathtub. The advantage with that is if any spills, none goes on the floor–that’s the theory anyway.

As your child plays, splashes, and explores, the brain is working to create pathways and connections that will be used for problem-solving, discovering, observing, predicting, comparing, and other thinking skills. Add a language and communication element by asking your child about what’s happening. Pretending and imagining can be part of the fun too. Is water play a possible sensory fun and learning activity for your child today?

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