Halloween Stories for Fun, Learning & Kindergarten Readiness

Because so many Halloween activities involve imagination, we can take advantage of that for telling stories. Ghost stories are traditional but scary, so instead make up some silly stories with your child for fun, learning, and kindergarten readiness.

imaginative halloween stories Telling stories is a valid way to explore and create with language. Stories can do many of the same things as books, such as: use special vocabulary, help kids practice putting events in order, facilitate making pictures in the mind, promote careful listening, stretch memory and encourage imagination. Especially at this time of year, kids use what they already know to help them figure out if something is real or pretend. These, and others, help develop readiness for learning at daycare, preschool, and kindergarten.

imaginative stories for halloweenStories can be about anything to match your child’s interests. If your child is interested in dinosaurs maybe a dinosaur could try and think of a costume for Halloween. Maybe there’s a witch that doesn’t like black and wants to wear a different color. Besides being about anything, stories can be told anywhere and at practically anytime: getting dressed, having a bath, in the check-out line, on the bus and more.

At Halloween we give kids sweet treats. Telling stories is like treats for brains. What stories can you tell at Halloween? Can you think of one for this ‘skeleton’ in the forest?


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