What Makes Childhood Magical? Part 11: Singing

Sitting around a campfire and singing makes for magical moments and memories, but families can create that magic anytime. That includes lullabies, silly songs, songs to help when scared or sad, action songs, and more. Plus, songs can happen anywhere.

importance of singing to kidsJust in case you think songs are ordinary, here’s some proof. One is a video of a little girl who is scared of noisy fireworks so dad sings a song with her. It’s been seen almost 6 million times. The song, I’ll Love You Forever by Robert Munsch, is a story and book that has sold 15 million copies. And the numbers are growing!

Do you remember any songs that parents or grandparents sang to you? Some songs are favorites in a family, some are favorites around the world. Songs help with all kinds of learning; it’s easier to remember letters when singing the alphabet song. There are particular songs associated with holidays and events. Countries have national anthems, both official and unofficial. Rock stars and folk singers become legends and each generation will identify with certain music.

When we sing together we are sharing an experience and interacting on an emotional and social level. Singing with others requires that we listen attentively and match voices. Songs can help us meet new people and turn strangers into friends.

Parents are sometimes concerned that their voices are not good enough to sing but kids hear with their hearts as well as with their ears. Together, you and your child can sing to get up in the morning, to get dressed, in the car or on the bus, in the bath, when playing and working together, and for help falling asleep. When your children are grown, they will sing some of those songs to their own children, who will sing to their children, connecting families across the generations. That’s some powerful magic and definitely something to sing about! What songs are favorites for you and your child?

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