March into Fun with Books, Stories, and Activities #11

The Princess and the Pea Play-of-the-Day

Sensory stimulation and play activities are vital for young children. The story of The Princess and the Pea inspires a play-of-the-day for the sense of touch.

Princess and the Pea Rachel IsadoraWhen a stranded princess arrives at a castle, the prince and his mother who own it welcome her. The queen wants to make sure she is a princess so give her a bed piled high with twenty mattresses. Underneath the mattresses and covers is one solitary pea. The girl has a terrible sleep and rises in the morning black and blue from the pea hidden in her bed, her sensitivity proving she is indeed a princess. In Rachel Isadora’s book, the pea ends up in a museum.

While sensitivity can vary greatly, we all feel with our skin. After reading this story, kids may want to explore their sense of touch. They can first lie down on the floor and test out how that feels. Then, they can put a few items down and check how they feel. Can they feel a piece of paper? How about a book, a slipper, a blanket, a stuffie, or a sock? Kids will have their own suggestions. Maybe they could try a pillow and have a nap?

A fun game to play for the sense of touch needs a box with a hole just big enough for a hand. Collect a few different things to feel like a spoon, spool of thread, small block, key, fuzzy pompom, bit of sponge, popsicle stick, eraser, etc. All of these items can go in the box. Kids put in a hand and feel an object, trying to guess what it is before pulling it out. When they do, it’s fun to check if they figured it out by touching and not seeing. A big sock can also be used for this touchy-feely game as long as the items fit.

One of the best things to feel is a hug. Can your child’s play-of-the-day include some fun for the sense of touch?

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