Kindergarten Readiness – Eye Spy the Alphabet

     Another of my favorite books to share with kids is the I Spy Alphabet book. I must confess that I am not very good at finding the hidden pictures but  I love to spend a few minutes searching. I feel so clever when I do locate a few. And kids enjoy the books, too. This is a good book to take in the car because kids can use the book independently. They also like to share this with a friend and play I Spy together. Appeals to all ages.  What letter is part of the face? The letter I (eye).

To B or not to B

Wait…before you throw out or recycle all those flyers and unwanted mail, mine them for all those learning treasures.

Empty cereal boxes and other packages are great resources, too.  Put a few on a safe surface and let your little ones cut out any letters they want.

They can choose favorite letters, random ones or do them in order. More fridge art and learning fun. Great for different levels of alphabet knowledge and length of attention span. Plus, materials are free! 

P. S. What letter is an insect? B(ee)

Kindergarten Readiness – A is for Angel in a Tree

One morning this week we woke up to a bright, colorful kite draped across the trees down the hill. The kite wings had an extensive span and the face smiled at us from the treetops. This photo requires lots of imagination, especially because the wind was quite strong and whole hillside seemed to be quivering.  It seemed just right, tho, for one of the alphabet activities. And for talking about phonological awareness, which is the ability to hear and divide words up into their sound bits. It is a fundamental skill for later learning to read. And the Activity is….Letters have names. They also have sounds. This is such an important concept for early learners. Helping them learn this concept can be done anywhere, at any time. “Look, that sign says Park. Park starts with the letter P and P makes a puh sound. Hey, purple starts with that sound, too. What else? Pickle and playground.  Any guesses what letter starts pants and pineapple?”  Caution:  just be careful if you are making a meal and use the word fridge, as in fridge starts with the letter f and what else starts with that same sound? The answer is not always fork. Or fruit. Or for heaven’s sake. Which brings us back to a is for angel. B is for banana. Banana starts with a buh sound. What else starts buh?  A great Activity for Anywhere, Anytime.  All Aboard.

Kindergarten Readiness – Rainbow Letters

  Motivating a young child to practice printing letters of the alphabet can be quite tricky. Printing is not an easy activity for kids–the necessary muscles and coordination for such fine motor control are still growing.  We can spark their interest and help them practice and develop control with activities that have a little challenge and a big … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness – Rainbow Letters

Kindergarten Readiness – A B C Dough

Not all children are interested in school-type work. Learning the letters of the alphabet does not appeal to all kids.  But there are ways to engage reluctant children in learning activities. Hands-on materials capture attention and  motivate. Voices practiced letters of the alphabet,  yesterday. Today, fingers get a turn. Play-dough or plasticine are just right. Did … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness – A B C Dough

Kindergarten Readiness – Sing to Learn the ABC’s

When children arrive in kindergarten and throughout the year, they will be doing all kinds of alphabet activities with their teachers. Children who have some  familiarity with letters and sounds even before starting school are much more capable to tackle these tasks. Some programs assess children’s alphabet knowledge as part of evaluating readiness for school. For … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness – Sing to Learn the ABC’s

Kindergarten Readiness – Once Upon a Mud Puddle

Writing experiences can start before children are independently reading. A fundamental concept for learning to read is the understanding that print is a kind of talking written down. The squiggles on the page carry meaning. The earlier mud activities, walking in the rain to see puddles, talking about them, playing with muddy-colored play-dough, listening to … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness – Once Upon a Mud Puddle