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Making Valentine Cards for Preschoolers

Making cards with kids is almost as much fun as getting valentines; some simple ideas and creativity turn it into a play-of-the-day. These three examples may inspire you and your kids.

potato-printsThis year, a friend’s really big sister used some potatoes in an experiment for a science fair. Her little sister used the left-over potato halves to make some potato print valentines. To make these, cut a notch in potato to make a heart shape. Kids hold the potato and dip it into paint, then stamp onto a card or paper. If the potato is too big for a little hand to grasp, stick a fat popsicle stick into the potato to use as a handle. This looked like so much fun, that the really little one came to check it out. When dry, kids only need add their name.

monster cardsHere are two other suggestions for cute valentines. Last year, Big Sister made some monsters on cards and we glued on googly eyes. The caption was “I only have eyes for you.” Monsters can have any number of eyes, legs, and arms, and be any color. Scribbling with paint or crayons makes great monsters.

dinosaur valentine cardsFor some dynamite valentines, find some small dinosaurs at the dollar store. Adult hands print “You are dino-mite.”  Kids print their name. Attach the dinos with a twist tie poked thru the card or just with tape.

Children start scribbling and making marks on paper (or walls) as early as a year and half old. At this stage though, the interest is the action of their bodies rather than the action of writing. Older toddlers and preschoolers are figuring out how these marks and print have meaning. They need lots of experiences communicating with something in print to understand what the process is about. The long valentine is by a 5 year old who knows print goes in a line and has the letters in his name.

pre-writing valentine

Valentines is a tremendous way for children to be involved in writing and sending messages. Have you some other suggestions for making valentines with kids?

Valentines and Dinosaurs

This play-of-the-day combines 3 ingredients, a book, movin’ and groovin’, and dinosaurs; what an awesome combination for kids and valentine fun. While dinosaurs may not have had big hearts for feelings, this story will warm hearts, and minds, and bodies. Sharing books boosts language and reading. This story also helps kids understand emotions in themselves and others. The movement fun is just a warm up for more exercise for kids. Would you agree there are lots of reasons why this book is dino-mite?Continue Reading

Dinovember: Dinosaurs, Turkeys, and Nature

Dinosaurs and turkeys may be connected, but we all share a connection to nature. For young children, time in nature is part of their healthy development and well-being. Not only do we need to give thanks for the natural world, we all need to spend time with nature. After the hectic activity of the month, how about a nature walk with your child?Continue Reading

Dinovember: Dinosaur Ice Eggs – Turkey Baster Tool

Dinosaurs can be used in many different play experiences for kids. For a play-of-the-day, freeze some small plastic dinosaurs in egg shapes for some sensory melting fun. Since turkeys are connected to dinosaurs, use a turkey baster as a melting tool. An inexpensive play activity, these dinosaurs don’t stay locked in an ice age.Continue Reading

Dinosaur and Turkey Fruit Snacks for Kids

Giving kids something to do in the kitchen while adults are preparing a meal helps them feel included and can keep them safely occupied. If you are busy today, here is an idea for a fruit snack that can be either a dinosaur or a turkey, or you can make one of each. For both of these, be careful when eating to take out the toothpicks. Aren’t these almost too cute to gobble up?Continue Reading

Are Turkeys and Dinosaurs Cousins? Easy Craft for Both

This same craft idea can be used for either a turkey or a dinosaur, which is quite appropriate because it turns out turkeys and dinosaurs are related. To make a turkey, help your child trace around either the right or left foot on a piece of brown paper. For the dinosaur, help your child trace around either the right or left foot on a piece of green paper. Isn’t it good that turkeys aren’t extinct?Continue Reading

Dinovember: Dinosaurs, Manners and Magic Words

Before the approaching holiday season goes from busy to even busier, it’s helpful for kids to practice some basic social skills. Even dinosaurs need to learn manners. Integrating Dinovember and the holiday season is easy to do with the book Suppose You Meet A Dinosaur, A First Book of Manners by Judy Sierra and Tim Bowers. It’s also easy to overlook the impact of social skills. Perhaps, if dinosaurs had known some early social skills, they would still be around instead of being extinct?Continue Reading

Dinovember: Dinosaur and Turkey Jokes

Having kids will really develop your sense of humor, but how about children? What are some ways to support the development of their sense of humor? One way to do that is by sharing jokes. A sense of humor is quite a complicated series of thinking skills. Not only is laughing together a way to bond, there are other benefits, physical, mental, and emotional.Continue Reading

There May Be Dinosaurs in Your Community

Communities often have resources that we don’t use or think of for young children, but many can be exciting adventures, especially if there are dinosaurs. Here are just two examples, a museum and a trail. Little bit by little bit, kids build their knowledge about something, so quick visits are valuable too. Sometimes, the dinosaurs are small plastic ones that are hiding in the woods on a trail.
Continue Reading

Dinosaur Dress-up and Big Body Play

Because dinosaurs were big creatures, they have big body actions. Big body movement and play is critically important for children’s healthy development–not just for bodies but for brains too. Kids do not just like to move, they must have active play. This is a mental challenge as much as a physical one. As kids move their brains are forming the pathways and links not just for actions but also for learning language and math. How do dinosaurs move?Continue Reading

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