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June Fun and Learning Play Activities for Kids

Kids will be singing a happy tune with these June fun and learning play activities. We all know that PLAY rocks. After all, it’s the brain’s favorite way to learn, so we’ll find ways to play with rocks.

To a child, rocks are a treasure. Lots of times, kids will stop to pick up a rock and hold it tightly for a long time. Pockets will often have a rock or two. Or more, so make sure you check clothes pockets before doing the laundry!

Here’s a start to the month. You can print off the calendar and put it on the fridge to have ideas anytime. Make sure you check back for more June fun and learning play activities for kids!

June fun learning play activities


May Play Activities for Kids: MAYBEE You Can Come Play?

May means spring, so MayBee we can spring into action with more ways to play. Play is the brain’s favorite way to learn, which is very fortunate because the brain develops fastest during the early years. Did you know 90% of the brain develops by the age of 5? The calendar below has more play activities for the first part of May. MayBee you can grow some more ideas too…play activities for May


May Play Activities Calendar for Young Preschool Children

May the Force Be With You and the Force is PLAY!!

When we remember 90% of the brain develops by the age of 5, it’s a really good thing the brain’s favorite way to learn is PLAY! Do you need some play and learn ideas for the month of May? Here’s the first week of a May play activities calendar for young preschool kids. Come back soon for more learning and play fun…

May play learn activities kids


More January Winter Learn and Play Activities for Kids

Only 10 days left in January! But there’s plenty of time for more January winter learn and play activities for kids. And to celebrate all the learning and play, what better treat than ice cream sundaes? You can add berries and sliced fruit to your ice cream. A wonderful story to read is Should I … Continue reading More January Winter Learn and Play Activities for Kids