Easter activities

Coloring Easter Eggs with Young Children

Coloring Easter eggs is a tradition that kids can do year after year and always enjoy. Did you do this as a child? Who first showed you about coloring eggs?  I’ve done it for so many years with my own kids and students it doesn’t seem like Easter until I do.

coloring Easter eggs

With the Star Wars movie so popular just a few months ago, there are many kits for making Star Wars eggs. Some of these might become R2D-Egg. To make a Storm Trooper egg just leave the egg white. A black marker with a fine tip is needed to draw the design. Most children’s markers are washable so if you give your child a permanent marker, make sure the table or counter is covered. Once done, the marker should go back in a drawer so it doesn’t accidentally get on walls. To make a Yoda, dip an egg in green and add a bit of green paper and cotton fuzz for his ears. Could some circles and triangles look like BB-Egg? The Darth Vader black is quite a challenge.

Coloring eggs can be done in several different ways. Vinegar and a few drops of food coloring in a bowl or cup give bright colors on eggs that are already hard-cooked. Eggs can be boiled with onion skins, purple cabbage, or other foods if you want to use natural dyes. Another method is to cover hard eggs with tissue paper and spritz with water. The color bleeds onto the eggs–and fingers and counters so be ready to wipe.

coloring Easter eggsTo make multicolored eggs, wrap a few elastic bands around an egg and let kids dip in another color. When dry, they can take off the elastics and see the first color underneath. Dipping in a second or third colors changes the result. The new color may be quite different.

Kids can color eggs with markers or wax crayons and cover them with stickers and tattoos. They might like to glue on some googly eyes, sequins, small beads, and other craft bits. Does your child have any favorite team logos? Add these to eggs too.

Is coloring Easter Eggs egg-zactly what your child might like to do today?

Easter Egg and Bunny Play Dough Fun

Easter play dough funIt’s not quite time to color Easter Eggs, but the kids can’t wait so we’re having some Easter egg and bunny play dough fun. Great for hands and paws.

This activity can use either ready-made or home-made play dough. Plasticine is stiffer to use until it warms up but it will keep indefinitely. While any color is usually acceptable for kids, they may like more than one color to make designs on eggs.

Easter play dough funSomewhere in all the cutters, there is a bunny and a chick. The flower was easy to find. The girls flattened the playdough with a rolling pin and used some of the cutters. Big Sister made an egg with the plasticine and added some stripes. So the bunny would have something to eat, she also shaped a few carrots and added some green to the top.

play dough Easter baskettRolling a long snake or shape is one of the first things kids do with playdough. To make a basket, kids make a flat circle and add the snake or rope around the edge. They keep adding more and more on top of each other, round and round. Many rows of different colors make a bright, cheery basket. Getting a handle to stick might need help from adult hands. The one in this photo has a rolled paper tube to make it more rigid.

The motor control for fine, small movements is still developing at this age. Kids need lots of activities to strengthen the muscles in the fingers, wrists, and hands. Playdough is an ideal material for this. It also gives kids an opportunity to be creative.

Easter play dough funBig Sister added more details than Little Sister who mostly liked to roll, squish, pat, and cut. Playdough let both of them play at different levels and how they wanted. There was a fair amount of conversation and some interaction as they talked about what they were doing and shared materials.

Could some Easter egg and bunny play dough fun be your child’s play-of-the-day?

Kindergarten Readiness: Easter Egg Hunt

A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go; we’ll look for eggs to fill our pails, and then we’ll eat them all. The rhyme may not work, but the description is more accurate. An Easter egg hunt for kids includes all the senses and is more than fun. As a sensory activity, and Easter egg hunt also includes an element of early learning and development along with the fun.

Easter Egg Hunt The sense of sight is probably the most obvious. Whether eggs are hidden inside or outside, kids will need to use their sight as they look all around for eggs. While some may be easy to find, not all the eggs will be hidden in plain sight. Kids will need to use clues, such as shadows and differences in color.

The best smell is the eggs themselves, but outside there’s the smell of new grass, damp earth, and spring blossoms. No matter how hard kids listen, they can’t hear eggs calling, but there will be other sounds. Feet make different kinds of noises depending on what’s underfoot and the choice of footwear. Often, more than one child will be hunting, so there’s different voices. There’s lots of stimulation for the sense of touch, as hands and fingers pick up what eyes have located. The grass might feel tickly and the earth cool. If lucky, the whole body will feel the warmth of the sun.

The sense of taste gets the biggest reward. Easter eggs are yummy. But it’s probably not a good idea to eat them all at once. Especially before breakfast.

Besides those senses, there are some other ones that come into play at an Easter egg hunt. There’s a sense of family, a sense of belonging. Many places will have Easter egg hunts for the community. There’s certainly lots of stimulation for the senses. Happy Hunting and Easter!

Kindergarten Readiness: Easter Sense of Taste Activity

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Easter Sense of Smell Activity

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Kindergarten Readiness: Easter Sense of Sight Activity

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Kindergarten Readiness: Easter Sense of Touch Activity

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Kindergarten Readiness: Easter Sense of Hearing Activity

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Colorful, Easy Wreath Kids Can Make for Easter

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