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Readiness for Kindergarten – Memory And Santa List

Making a list is a strategy that many of us use to help with remembering–just ask Santa. While there are other common memory tricks , since it’s almost December, a list seems like an obvious choice. While preschool kids are not burdened with lists like grown-ups, it is important for kids to see how adults do things. Children learn by watching what parents and caregivers do and by listening while adults talk to others.

If you need to make a list today, tell your little one what you are doing, “I’m making a list to help me remember all these things.” Maybe you and your child can point to the items and count them outloud. You may be able to draw a few pictures and have your child help ‘read’ your list. This is more long-term than just readiness for kindergarten.

Modelling, that is showing by doing, is an effective way of helping your child learn. And kids need much more than academic learning for kindergarten readiness. What’s on your wish list when it comes to what you want to know about kindergarten readiness?

Readiness for Kindergarten – Memory and Baby Signs

Both children and adults have different strengths when it comes to learning. Some learn better through pictures, some with words and others with hands-on actions. While we really use all of these different styles, we usually have personal preferences. Memory can be similar. I find remembering conversations very much easier than trying to recall visual information.Continue Reading

Readiness for Kindergarten – Memory and Instruction Fun

Ever noticed how when parents ask kids to do something the kids have “selective listening”? (I think it should be called “selective ignoring’) While that may be the issue, we may be sabotaging the situation ourselves by giving kids more things to remember than their memories can hold. For example, when we say “Okay, youContinue Reading

Readiness for Kindergarten – Physical Activity and Memory

Physical activity has a beneficial effect on health, and recent studies show that it even helps memory function. Because memory is such a key strategy in learning, it’s important then that kids get lots of physical activity. While it seems that kids never stop moving, as parents and caregivers we need to make sure that theyContinue Reading

Readiness for Kindergarten – Picture Memory, 1 2 3 Smile!

Did you take some Thanksgiving photos yesterday? Photos can help kids–and grownups-with memory skills and readiness for kindergarten. Our brains use pictures as well as words to create memory connections. Try this yourself first to check out your memory. Look at a picture you took recently, perhaps yesterday for Thanksgiving. Now, turn it over andContinue Reading

Readiness for Kindergarten – Happy Thanksgiving

Emotions have a powerful influence on memory. That may be why our brains have such strong memories about holidays because they are emotional events, both positive and not so positive. Did you know that your holiday celebrations can help little ones with readiness for kindergarten ? At this age, the roots for healthy emotional growth have alreadyContinue Reading

Readiness for Kindergarten – Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Did you know that when we form a memory our brains creates either new connections or strengthens old ones? Since creating connections helps with memory, here’s a project to do with your child to make a few and promote readiness for kindergarten. Turkeys are connected to Thanksgiving. Using paper in yellow or brown, have your child traceContinue Reading

Readiness for Kindergarten – Memories and Pattern Stories

A favorite book of kids for 2 or 3 generations now is The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle. One of the reasons it is so popular has to do with the wonderful illustrations of the fuzzy caterpillar. But another reason is the simple, repeating text. Kids can easily follow along with the story becoming veryContinue Reading

Readiness for Kindergarten – Memories and Patterning

Sometimes, when we have to remember a large amount of information, we use the strategy of noticing a pattern. Suddenly, the amount of information we need to hold in our memory is much, much smaller. The pattern makes the job easier. Being able to notice, figure out and make patterns is a powerful thinking strategyContinue Reading

Readiness for Kindergarten – Imaginary Play and Memory

With the weather getting colder in many places, how about an inside activity to promote kindergarten readiness? Imaginary play develops in preschool children and needs some complex thinking and memory skills. Kids need to remember their role and what actions are taking place even when they can’t ‘see’ them. While they have countless possibilities whenContinue Reading

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