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Kindergarten Readiness: Making Pirate Maps

X marks the spot for some kindergarten readiness fun and learning with making a pirate map. Pencil and paper activities do not appeal to all children. Some kids love to draw, color, cut, and paint, but others are not at all interested. But pirates need maps, and even children reluctant to try using any writing materials will put pencil to paper to make one.

making a pirate mapFor a start, a brown paper bag, so the map looks old, is more fun than a plain piece of paper. Let your child use pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, anything that will make marks on the map. Paths can go in all different directions and the lines can be wiggly, straight, zig-zag, curvy, whatever. There are no rules about pirate maps so kids feel much more confident with their own efforts. They can be creative and draw monsters, traps, and whatever they imagine.

pirate activitiesKids need some experiences with paper and pencil activities. Making a pirate map is one way to motivate kids to experiment with these tools. If little ones need some outside time, they can draw one in chalk on the walk or driveway (but watch out for cars). That way there’s lots of space to cover with fun and imagination. Is this a doable learning and play activity at your house or center?


Kindergarten Readiness – Pirate #6

Why does it take pirates a long time to learn the alphabet? Because they are always at C (sea). One way to practice letters is with play-dough. This helps for all kids, but especially for those who learn best by touch as opposed to visual or verbal learners. Roll out the barrel, er, I mean rollContinue Reading

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