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Kindergarten Readiness and Groundhog Day

developing kindergarten readiness
Besides being the day when winter might be over, Groundhog Day also means something that happens over and over and kindergarten readiness is like that. As parents and caregivers we need to do many of the same things over and over with children do help them learn. What are some of the things that need lots of repetition?

  • using lots and lots of words in songs, rhymes, conversations, and stories to support language development.
  • reading and sharing books with kids. A few books, several times a week, adds up to over a thousand a year. That’s a lot of groundhogs.
  • play time. This is one of the best tools for helping children learn and develop.
  • like groundhogs, kids need to spend time in nature to develop this important connection.
  • some physical activity time. Moving is critical for healthy bodies and brains because all kinds of learning pathways are developed thru movement.

These are great activities for any day of the year. How many of these activities can you and your child do for Groundhog Day?

Kindergarten Readiness – Learning/Thinking Strategies #9

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Readiness for Kindergarten – Celebrate, Children At Play

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Readiness for Kindergarten – New School Year’s Eve

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Readiness for Kindergarten – H is for Patterns

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Readiness for Kindergarten – 1st Home, then School

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Readiness for Kindergarten – Lessons in the Kitchen #3

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Readiness for Kindergarten – Lessons in the Kitchen #2

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Readiness for Kindergarten – Lessons in the Kitchen

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Kindergarten Readiness, Special Ingredient = Imagination

Yesterday, I heard a radio interview with Joel Bakan about his new book Childhood Under Siege: How Big Business Targets Children. He exposes the detrimental effects of this corporate marketing. One of his warnings in particular struck a chord with me, that of the destruction of children’s imagination. Imagining is not just play; it is a fundamental thinkingContinue Reading

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