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Winter Walk Delivers Ice Science Treasure

When walking today, despite our weather being not too cold, the puddles had frozen overnight and a big chunk of ice followed us home for some science fun. Fortunately, Big Sister and Little Sister were wearing mittens so we all took turns carrying it the rest of the way. We brought it in the house in a bucket, so would this qualify as an activity for a bucket list?

melting ice science experimentFirst, the kids poked at the ice and talked about it being very cold and freezing. Big Sister explained to Little Sister that ice is frozen water. They looked at the ice with a magnifying glass and noticed some bits of leaves and twigs. The ice got shiny as the top of it began to melt. Next, we put the chunk of ice into a clear container and let it melt some more. Using another container, we popped in an ice cube from ordinary tap water and let it melt. Big Sister wanted to see if the water from the puddle would be the same or different than water from the kitchen. It didn’t take long to see that the water from the ice cube was clear and the water from the puddle had some dirt and ‘stuff’ in it.

melting ice science experimentHow could watching ice melt be exciting? Isn’t that like watching paint dry? This simple idea was quite exciting and occupied the kids for a good part of the morning. The experience was based on their discovery and delight of finding a piece of ice. It included connecting to nature. It was easy to extend the activity by comparing it to an ice cube which only added to the fun. Besides the sensory involvement of feeling the cold, hard ice, the kids talked about how Elsa’s Frozen castle was made out of ice. Do you agree our walk to the mailbox delivered a learning, fun, nature, and science treasure?

Dinovember: Dinosaurs, Turkeys, and Nature

Dinosaurs and turkeys may be connected, but we all share a connection to nature. For young children, time in nature is part of their healthy development and well-being. Not only do we need to give thanks for the natural world, we all need to spend time with nature. After the hectic activity of the month, how about a nature walk with your child?Continue Reading

Neighborhood Nature Walk for Fall

Every year fall brings the same changes, and even though we know what will happen, it’s still exciting. The leaves turn bright colors, the wind swirls them in the air, the birds cry as they fly south, many outside plants dry and turn brown, and the days get shorter and shorter. But it’s all wonderful. A walk in the neighborhood will show seasonal changes…Continue Reading

What Makes Summer Magical for Kids? Camping Outside

This holiday weekend will be the first camping trip of the summer for many families, and for kids, another adventure in the great outdoors. Nature is one giant playground and kids get to spend from early morning until late evening outside having fun. Did you know that some amazing early learning and development comes withContinue Reading

Olaf Explores Summer: Fun and Learning in Nature

What better way could there be to celebrate the first day of summer than some time outdoors in nature? Olaf agrees too. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie Frozen, Olaf is a walking, talking snowman who dreams about summer.  He not only dreams, he also sings and dances around just thinking aboutContinue Reading

Parents’ Time-Saving Ideas for Early Learning

How can I help my child with early learning? Where will I find the time? As a parent, you have probably heard how you are your child’s first teacher and just as probably wondered how you would ever find the time for helping with early learning. Is your to-do list already too long? And yourContinue Reading

Nature, Sensory, and Playground Fun Activity

Here is a page of ideas for having some nature and sensory fun on the playground. Movement activities are important to include in early learning because they connect many brain pathways. Enjoy!

What Makes Childhood Magical? Part 4: Nature

If you were writing a recipe for a magical formula for childhood, what would you include? How about a heaping dose of NATURE? Formula For A Magical Childhood Needs Nature No matter where we go in the world, there will be Nature. Regardless of our age, we are all part of nature and to children,Continue Reading

Taking a “Hello-Walk” to Connect with Nature on Earth Day

There will be a tremendous range of activities all over for Earth Day. Have you and your child ever gone on a “hello-walk” in your neighborhood? While one of the most simple things to do is to go for a walk, it’s one of the most special because we get to say hello to everythingContinue Reading

Kindergarten Readiness Triple Play: Spring, Easter, Nature

What could be more awesome than an activity which combines spring, Easter and nature? This triple play has lots of kindergarten readiness fun and learning and appeals to kids of practically any age. There are so many tremendous and creative ideas in the early childhood community.This activity is called Reverse Easter Egg Hunting by Crystal,Continue Reading

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