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Kindergarten Readiness: Fall Songs and Fingerplays

Do you remember any fall songs or fingerplays to do with your child? These are simple fun and learning activities that encourage kindergarten readiness. These can be done in quick minutes as you pour breakfast cereal, wash a face or zip up a jacket. Kids learn new words, language patterns, and rhythm. They stretch their memories and practice careful listening. In order to say the words and do the actions, kids have to coordinate their thinking. That’s a lot of learning in little bits of time!

photo by Kim Plumley

photo by Kim Plumley

Apple Tree Fingerplay:

This is the tree with leaves so green. (bend arm at elbow, point fingers up and wiggle, other hand points to the leafy-fingers)

Here are the apples that hang in between. (close hands into round fists)

On the ground, the apples will fall. (lower fists, one fist taps on top of the other)

Here is a basket to gather them all. (if appropriate, extend arms out in front like a big circle and “gather” your child in a big hug)

*Kids love this one, especially when parents tease, “I got you now big, juicy apple.”*

The tune Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is used for this song about leaves:

fall fingerplays and songsMother Nature Did You Sneeze?

Falling, falling, falling leaves.
Mother Nature did you sneeze?
Red ones, yellow ones, orange, and brown.
Big ones, little ones on the ground.
Falling, falling, falling leaves.
Mother Nature did you sneeze? A–a–a–choo!

Sneezing and throwing leaves is fun, before raking them up and ‘falling’ in. There are countless more songs and fingerplays. What ever ones you do with your child, are fun and learning at the same time. Which fall fingerplays and songs does your child like?

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