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Playin’ and Payin’ It Forward: Cop Plays With Young Boy

safe_image.php-KENS 5Play is not just a tool for young children’s early learning and development, it is a powerful way to connect hearts and lives for people of any age. Just last week, a police officer noticed a boy outside playing with a basketball and practicing shooting hoops. The officer requested and received permission to take his break. He got out of car, approached the boy, and the two of them played one-on-one for 15 minutes. Jacob Aguirre’s mother, Monica Aguirre said: “It’s not every day. I mean, this little life experience for him, it’s huge.” The San Antonio officer, Neil Rocha, says he was ‘paying it forward’.

Just like the little boy, Daniel Mulligan, whose life was impacted by the generous gift of the sanitation worker, so Jacob’s life has a special event. The ripples of those few minutes have gone way out to inspire others. We can influence other’s lives profoundly, with small actions and small amounts of time.

horsey-playToday, for a play-of-the-day, can you find a few minutes to play with your child? It doesn’t need to be basketball, or garbage trucks. It can be a board game, or dress-up, or building with blocks. Wee little ones can make a sport out of dropping a spoon over and over for someone to pick up. Peek-a-boo becomes hide-and-seek with older preschoolers. Perhaps, it might be as simple as horsey. In a way, instead of the ripples going out to others, they will go into the future for the child. What might you and your child play today?

The Name of the Game for Kids is PLAY

The Closing Ceremonies of the Sochi Olympics were an exciting display of color, light, music, and dance. While there were hundreds of adult performers, there were also hundreds of children. Three children wove their way through the magic of the story and the celebration. The athletes of future Olympic Games are the children of today.Continue Reading

The Olympics Grow From PLAY

Millions of people around the world are watching the Olympics and likely, in many countries, their athletes are featured in stories. While the encyclopedia says the roots of the Olympics are from ancient Greece, could it be that the Games begin in PLAY? For athletes, getting to the Olympics has been a journey of hardContinue Reading

Play is Important No Matter Our Age

When grownups get to play, they really play. Outdoor ice hockey in Dodger Stadium? Along with beach volleyball and the rock band KISS? The extravaganza in Los Angeles, California may be because adults play so seldom. Over 54,000 people came out to play, underscoring that play is important no matter our age. In the wordsContinue Reading

Kindergarten Readiness As Easy As 1 2 3 … #4

In this brand new year, will your child be starting kindergarten? Are you asking, “Will my child be ready for kindergarten?” “What is kindergarten readiness anyway?” Could you use some answers? This is a series of posts that looks at some of the basics of getting your child ready to start kindergarten. Although this answerContinue Reading

What’s The Best Gift for Young Children?

What do you think is the best gift for young children? At this time of year, there is lots of discussion about the best present for kids: traditional toys versus new popular ones, natural items or the latest tech gadget or device, imaginative toys or construction sets–it’s hard to know. Just recently, there were twoContinue Reading

Children Play Because It’s Hard

As the world looks back 50 years, we are hearing many quotes from John F. Kennedy; powerful words, they are inspiring still today. One of these, seems especially relevant to young children as they learn and play. JFK said “We choose to do…things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” In theContinue Reading

The Power of Play: Touching Us All

Just recently, two powerful articles have included children and play. We cannot question the value and importance of play. Last week, the dream of a 5 year- old boy came true. Suffering from leukemia, he wanted to play a SuperHero, so dressed as Batkid, he saved Gotham City. More than 20,000 people in the cityContinue Reading

Universal Children’s Day: For Learning, Play, & Connecting

Each year, November 20th, is Universal Children’s Day as established by the United Nations. Started in 1954, Universal Children’s Day promotes the welfare of children and children’s connection to each other all over the world. One of the rights of children, is the right to play. Since the purpose of this website is to supportContinue Reading

Child’s Play That Rocks Now and In the Future

Does your child like rocks? Putting rocks in pockets also puts lots of learning, fun, and even kindergarten readiness into brains. Here’s another example of childhood play that grows along with the child and into adulthood. Children all over the world collect rocks, and so does my friend and colleague Colin Martin. Just like theContinue Reading