Science Activities

Kindergarten Readiness- Apple Float or Sink?

Apple activity #4 is a science experiment. Will an apple float or sink?

Use a clear, transparent bowl of water or just run some cool water in the sink. First, talk about (predict) if the apple will float or if it will sink. Next, test your guess (hypothesis) by putting the apple in the water. What happens? Were you surprised by the result? Next, try putting the apple in with the stem pointing down. What happens, now? Point the stem sideways and check again.
Try a different color of apple. Does this make any difference?
Extend the activity by using a banana, or a grape or an orange or some other fruits and veggies. ***Remember, predict first and then find out.
Bobbing for bananas? Going for grapes? Doesn’t seem as much fun as apples.
What do other fruits and veggies do?

Kindergarten Readiness – Apples to Remember

(Planting seeds or a tree in honor of someone can be a meaningful way for a child to remember and for a family to share memories.)

For Apple Learning Activity #2, choose a big, crisp, juicy apple to eat. Instead of tossing the core, save it and find the seeds. Count how many seeds. Do apple seeds look like apple trees? What other foods have seeds? Compare some other seeds to apple seeds and see how they are the same and different. Late summer is a perfect time to find seeds outdoors, perhaps in a garden or a park. Exploring nature, even in something as small as an apple, is another way of helping your child prepare for kindergarten.

Kindergarten Readiness – Pirates in a Tub

Rub a dub, dub, pirates have fun in the tub. Or in the kiddie pool. Backyard pools are a fun place for some more science. Using some various shaped containers, watch how water changes it shape to fit in the space. Show your munchkin how the water loses that shape when it is poured. Where did the shape go? Does water always pour down. Use some empty containers with holes in the bottom or sides and see where the water comes out. Try small holes and big ones. Squeeze the containers and watch the water spurt. Try making a waterfall. Does the water have some force? How does it water feel? What does the water do if an adult gets in the pool, too? Adults need science time, especially in hot weather.  Doesn’t that feel good?

Kindergarten Readiness – Pirates #8

What do pirates collect? Treasure. What do kids collect? Tra…, well, they call it treasure. Seashells, rocks and coins are obvious items to collect. As are stickers, cars and trucks, and ponies. But there are other things, too. Collections can be all kinds of different objects from one place, one event, or from a trip or holiday.  A collection can … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness – Pirates #8

Kindergarten Readiness – Moose on the Loose

An apron in a store window said “Let’s make a moose in the Kitchen. What a great idea so today’s tip is a quick, Non-messy fun with kids project. Let your munchkin help you wash some fruit, an apple, orange, strawberries, etc. Bananas are a good soft fruit for practicing slicing, using a plastic knife. … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness – Moose on the Loose

Kindergarten Readiness – Collections

Parents’ trash can be kids’ treasure. Children can make a treasure out of almost anything, but whatever it is can be the start of a collection. And collecting is another way to build readiness skills. The most obvious one is categorizing: to what group do all these things belong? Another is sorting, for instance, these … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness – Collections