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Celebrating Is Part of Kindergarten Readiness Too

This weekend, in anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day, there will be lots of fun celebrations. The day seems to be open to enjoying anything Irish, including foods like potatoes and soda bread, playing lively Celtic music, singing favorite tunes, dancing an Irish jig, telling stories about leprechauns, and maybe looking for a pot of gold. More than a remembering of St. Patrick’s birthday, it seems to be a salute to the culture and traditions of a people.

rainbow-pdpChildren require far more than academics to prepare them for kindergarten and for life. They will need traditions, stories, music, games, and more. These are all part of a cultural heritage and social fabric that connects people to others. They are important for the rest of us too.

This weekend, your family may not be participating in any Irish activities. Instead, you can celebrate something that is appropriate for your family. You might want to make a special dish, tell stories, listen to music, sing songs, or play special games. This will create memories and strengthen relationships. Sharing traditions with family and friends enriches our lives. That’s treasure at the end of the rainbow, isn’t it?

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