Fall Activites

October Alphabet: R is for Red – Color Activities for Kids

fall color activitesEven though red is hard to say for kids, it seems to be an easy color for them to know. Let’s do some red color activities for kids. After all, red is very much a fall color too.

color red activitiesTo start the day, kids can perhaps find something red to wear. Are there any red foods for breakfast or snack? Maybe some strawberries with yogurt or dried cranberries on cereal. Apples are red on the outside and pomegranates are red on the inside.

Children will most likely have some red toys. Blocks, Legos, trains, trucks, cars, and other toys will likely have some red choices. As kids play, we can ask them if there are any red items.

It can be fun to paint with just the color red. Kids can draw anything with a red marker. A fun fall activity is coloring over leaves with a soft crayon.

fall leaf rubbingPlace a leaf underside up on a table and place a fairly light paper like newsprint on the top. It helps to anchor the paper with a bit of tape on each corner. Using the side of the crayon, kids rub it over the part of the paper covering the leaf. Abracadabra, the edges and lines of the leaf appear. Red is easy to see, but try some other colors too.

clifford-fall-puzzleStories about Clifford The Big Red Dog by Norman Bridwell have been around for ages. Besides reading books, kids might enjoy this puzzle of Clifford and fall leaves.

What other red fun might there be for color activities for kids?

Q is for Questions: Kids Ask More Than 300 Questions A Day

Would it surprise you to know kids ask more than 300 questions a day? Certainly, there is enough time in a day for that many. I don’t know why anyone would ever dispute this number, they just haven’t been around a toddler or preschooler recently.

carving a pumpkinKids are curious: they just want to know. Some good fall questions are: Why do leaves change color? Why do they fall? And, what’s this stringy, slippery stuff inside the pumpkin?

Not just why questions but where and what and how: Where do the bugs go? What happens to the tree when the leaves fall off—does it die? How does a tree sleep standing up?

Seasonal changes can really encourage lots of questions. Parents, caregivers, and early childhood educators can ask questions too and give children models to copy: Is it warm today like the summer? What’s happened to the berries on the bush? Of course, we might have to answer them. We can also model our own wondering, such as: I wonder if there is something under this rock? Or, hmm, are the leaves different or the same?

children and nature wonderFor a play-of-the-day, perhaps you and your child could go on a wonder walk outside. Collect a few nature treasures to bring home and look at some more. Inside, kids might want to hold a magnifying glass and wander around for a few minutes looking at things. As we watch and listen to kids, they will give us clues to what they wonder about.

The first part of the word question, is quest, as in a journey or search. Maybe a question is a journey of the mind, searching for answers. 300 of them a day means kids minds travel a long way. The writer Thomas Berger said, “The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.” How many will your child ask today?

October Alphabet: M is for Music Fun for Kids

The next letter in October’s alphabet, is M. M is for music fun for kids. Wow, is there ever a lot of research on music for learning and brain development. A study from Germany’s University of Munster found that music in early childhood can actually enlarge parts of the brain and in the book, “This … Continue reading October Alphabet: M is for Music Fun for Kids

Alphabet Fun for Kids or A is for Autumn

Although the date for autumn is in September, October feels like fall. Since autumn starts with A, today’s  play-of-the-day is some alphabet fun for kids. This book by Roger Will has both. While many parents think that kids have to know their alphabet before starting school, what kids can use is some basic familiarity with … Continue reading Alphabet Fun for Kids or A is for Autumn

Fall Sensory Play #5 – Sense of Taste

Eating is, without a doubt, a sensory experience for children and adults, and in addition to the sense of taste, also appeals to sight, smell, touch, and sometimes sound, too. For children, the texture and the color can be just as important, or even more important, than the flavor or taste. Preschool kids can be … Continue reading Fall Sensory Play #5 – Sense of Taste

Fall Sensory Play #4 – Sense of Touch

Exploring the sense of touch is fun for kids and influences their physical, mental, and emotional health. Our sense of touch develops before all other senses and is amazingly sensitive. The skin over our entire bodies will react to touch so It is a primary channel for receiving information about the world. We did 3 … Continue reading Fall Sensory Play #4 – Sense of Touch

Fall Sensory Play #3 – Sense of Smell

Using senses to explore the world stimulates brain development and early learning. Fall time has some special smells that will connect to children’s experiences and knowledge of fall. A few of the smells for this time of year could be apples, squash, corn, cinnamon, pumpkin pie, smokey bonfires and piles of leaves. The sense of … Continue reading Fall Sensory Play #3 – Sense of Smell