Kindergarten Readiness – N=What’s in a Name?

Life is easier at the start of preschool and kindergarten if the little ones know what their name looks like. There are names on cubbies, hooks, bags, library cards, shoes, books and more.  As a teacher I am grateful if kids arriving at school also know how to print their names. For the most part, older kids can handle the printing part of the task but there are lots of ways to help younger ones recognize their names. One way is to roll it out with playdough. Because this activity is appealing to kids, even reluctant learners get involved.  Start with just the first letter and add more as your child is able. Some other ways are to draw it in sand, trace it with colored chalk on the sidewalk, or paint it with a big paintbrush and water somewhere safe.  Next time you are baking cookies, making a pie or pancakes bake a name. Not only do kids get to make it, they get to eat it, too! Sometimes, fruits and veggies look like letters and lunch can be a spelling project. A favorite activity is to mix up some chocolate pudding, put a spoonful or two on a big, plastic plate or lid and fingerpaint it with the pudding. Finger licking allowed.

For kids that know how to print their name, let them enjoy what they know and create some name art. Offer some different color markers, crayons, and glue. Help them write their name with the glue and fill up the letters with pasta, bits of ribbon, sprinkles of sand, torn paper confetti, or…keep the vacuum handy… glitter.

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Snow. Snow who? Snow use–I’ve forgotten my name again. Can you find a knock, knock joke for your name?


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