Kindergarten Readiness – Please & Thank You Game

February is a great month for talking about social relationships. For kids of all ages, learning social skills is a big challenge and important for more than just kindergarten readiness. Like all skills, they take practice but playing and imagining make the task much more fun. Here’s a please and thank you game.

Most toddlers understand that we say please and thank you to people.  Today, ask things like chairs, the floor, the sofa, the dishes, even your shoes. For example: “Good morning, shoes. May I please put you on my feet?” Using your best shoe voice answer with a yes. Of course, you’ll need to tell your shoes thank you and have them reply that you’re welcome. Ask the chair if you could please sit down or the floor could you please walk on it. Tell your coat thank you for keeping you warm and the pen thank you for letting you write, etc. Use lots of different sounding voices. Kids think this is funny (so do other adults that may hear you!) and often join in the fun saying please and thank you to their clothes and toys. It’s hard for anyone not to giggle when talking to a towel.

This lesson takes no extra time at all, you can do it in any room of the house, there is no cost whatsoever, and best of all, it’s easier for kids to remember than countless reminders.  
Is this game fun for you and your children?


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