Readiness for Kindergarten – Learning Fun At Home/Dishes

All kinds of readiness for kindergarten learning can happen at home. Here’s more kindergarten readiness activities that you and your child can do along with the dishes.

Talk about sizes with your child. You might say something along the lines of “Look, these 2 spoons aren’t the same size. One is bigger and one is smaller.” What else is the same but different sizes? There might be 2 plates or 2 cups that are big and small, too.

Does your child know the words for basic shapes. Dishes can help with that. “This plate is round, this sandwich keeper is a square.” Have your child name the shapes of other dishes. There may be a few rectangle containers. Does your house have a triangle pie container? They are not very common.

Along with sizes and shapes, what are the colors of your dishes? Are some of them the same color? Doing the dishes has covered a lot of basic concepts for your child: sizes, shapes and colors, as well as same and different. Those are important things to learn that will help with readiness for kindergarten. Can you dish up some more learning?

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