Readiness for Kindergarten – Learning Fun At Home/Laundry

Laundry is another one of those chores at home that can use a measure of fun & play but it can also be a great kindergarten readiness learning opportunity, too.

When sorting the laundry, make groups of clothes according to their category, “These are the towels, these are the sheets.” Sometimes, kids can put items in the correct group but not always give the name of the category. Another way to sort clothes is by color, especially all the whites. Red items can sometimes turn a whole load of clothes quite pink so it is important to put them all together by themselves. Parents and caregivers can explain what they are doing and ask little ones where things should go, too. ‘Accidentally’ put something in the wrong category and be it’s voice as it says “No, this isn’t where I go, I belong over here with these ones.” Let your child supply some of the yes/no answers, too, in the voice of the towels or tee-shirts.  

Categorizing involves lots of thinking. First, kids have to check if an item is the same or different and then match it to other items. Once the laundry is done, then the sorting becomes even more complicated. Socks need to be sorted not just into groups but with their exact mates. Size, color and patterns all come into play. Yes, sorting laundry can be fun and readiness for kindergarten learning at the same time. Does this wash with you?

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