Readiness for Kindergarten – Backpack to Go

With some of the backpack monster snack we made yesterday, a hat for the sun, a jacket, and of course a backpack, your child is ready to go…to the playground. A playground has all kinds of opportunities to practice and develop readiness for kindergarten.

  • Time at the playground is more than working off energy. Whether or not your child knows how to pump the swing, the back and forth motion is a basic rhythm. The slide is up/down. There’s climbing, jumping, running, pushing, pulling, etc. Coordination, timing and position in space are a few more.
  • Playing in the playground is not just good for kids’ physical development but social, too. For instance, sharing equipment, waiting a turn, interacting with others.
  • Many children learn to overcome their fears about trying something new as they venture to play on the equipment, and other emotional challenges.
  • There’s lots of things to count at the playground: steps, swings, number of times, etc. And lots of things to talk about and new words to learn.

Backpacks and playgrounds make a terrific pair to help support children for kindergarten readiness.


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