Kindergarten Readiness Rocks! Collecting Rocks

I remember getting into trouble for filling my pockets with rocks when a few made it into the washing machine, but that’s because I didn’t know that collecting rocks is a great activity for all kinds of kindergarten readiness learning and fun.

rock-collectionWhen kids collect rocks, they practice paying attention to what they see and learn to only choose rocks. They check the characteristics of things they find to see if they match their collection items. There’s vocabulary and talking about the collection, organizing skills, memory, planning for how to add to the collection, and caring for it. A child may have to choose what to add to the collection and what to leave out. They are often very proud of their collections and experience satisfaction with their efforts. Through rocks, children also connect to nature. There’s all kinds of thinking that comes into play when collecting. Play, of course, is the significant word. The collection and collecting need to be enjoyable.

When it comes to storing collections a shoe box is an ideal container because it lets air circulate or an egg carton is easy for displaying treasure. Parents may have to “guide” the collecting. While collections can create some problems, that’s another kindergarten readiness skill, too–problem solving. Does your child like to collect rocks or some other treasures?


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