Summer Fun, Learning, and Kindergarten Readiness: Bubbles

Summer is such a special time and it seems too short for all the things we’d like to do. Fortunately, fun, learning, and kindergarten readiness can all happen at the same time. The easiest way to learn is when something is fun, and play is the ideal way to build kindergarten readiness.

summer fun activities for kids

Today’s play-of-the-day is good, clean fun and appeals to kids of all ages. It’s best done outdoors.  There can be running and chasing or just sitting quietly. While it is a very individual activity it can easily be done in any size group, and that way we can share comments and surprises.

summer fun activities for kids

Blowing bubbles can be quite simple and it’s enough to have just a small bottle of soap solution and a single wand. But it can also be quite complicated with inventions and recipes to create different kinds of bubbles, including square ones, and astonishingly big ones. Best of all though is the result: wonder and appreciation.

summer fun activities for kids

A bubble is hardly anything at all and almost invisible, a simple joy. Childhood and summer…magic.



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