Happy Valentine’s Day! Learn and Play!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Mrs. A at 123kindergarten.com

how to develop kindergarten readinessKnock, knock.     Who’s there?
Olive.                Olive who?
O l’ve you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is exciting for little ones. Where children are together today, there will likely be special songs, stories, games, treats and other activities. At home, families may be doing some of these same things. Whether at home or in a center, if the kids are exchanging valentines, they will eagerly open them up and ‘read’ the pictures and the names. There may also be an opportunity for a special play-date today or special family time.

Valentine’s day is a good time to remember that kids have brains, bodies, and hearts and we need to encourage and support kids in all these areas of learning. Kindergarten readiness is so much more than just academics. Becoming independent and regulating emotions are super important for little ones. Brains need the stimulation of all 5 senses with music, art, and exploring science, for both language and math. They also need movement activities and physical play.

Just in case we forget, here’s a colorful reminder. The hearts may not be physically accurate but they are very much in center of it all. What’s happening for you and your child on this special day?


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