Color Up Some Learning and Fun with Easter Eggs

Will your child be coloring any Easter eggs soon? Part of the fun and learning at Easter time is figuring out the names of colors. Being able to match colors to their names is quite a challenge and it is sometimes used to check kindergarten readiness and learning development.

Easter eggs and learning colorsEaster eggs come in all different colors. As kids see them, grownups can tell the names of some of the egg colors. Can your child name any colors? Learning colors is not simple, by any means. First, each color word can have a zillion things that color. Those zillion items can all be a variation of one color word. A chick is yellow, so are the sun, egg yolks, daffodils, and butter, but each one is a little bit different sort of yellow. Now, think of a bunny. A real one can be brown, grey, black, or white and stuffed ones can be pink, red, purple, or any other color. That’s the case for many other things: they all come in different colors.

Because colors are everywhere, we do not really notice them, but think how dull and boring the world would be without colors. Some kids have a favorite color and want to wear it, eat it, drink it, and sleep with it. Other kids are, thankfully, not so exclusive. For kids to learn colors, they need lots of chances to hear the color words and see them together. They need to paint, draw with chalk and crayons, choose the color of the dish or cup they want, and more.

This time of year, we are all grateful for the return of color in the spring, after the duller colors of winter. Maybe that’s why for hundreds of years we have been coloring Easter eggs. By the way, do you know why the Easter Bunny crossed the road? Because the chicken had his Easter eggs. Does your child have a favorite color?


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