Dinovember: Nature Neighborhood Walk

Dinosaurs walked the earth. We have evidence. Kids can also go on a nature neighborhood walk. They won’t find evidence of dinosaurs, but can still discover.

Neighborhoods have lots to explore, even in urban areas. At this time of year, kids will likely find leaves. We noticed a giant one on top of the path. Maybe it’s as big as a dinosaur foot print? We looked thru some pictures of one we saw on vacation. The leaf is smaller.

A puddle is a wonderful discovery. Usually, puddles aren’t very deep but kids still want to put a foot in and find the bottom. Who knows what might be lurking in the dark, muddy water?

Not all finds will be things we can see. Although this circle cover isn’t part of nature, we could hear the water in the space below. It has a screen so water goes down but not leaves and stones. What other things might be there to hear?

Discoveries might be things to touch, like mud, rocks, and sticks and an elastic band. Careful not to touch any prickly bushes; wet leaves on the ground feel pretty soggy.

Connecting to nature is immensely valuable for kids. As natural creatures, we have to know how to live and take care of our own bodies. We need to feel that we are part of nature, not separate from it even though our houses may be constructed of mostly human-made materials. Dozen s of authors have written about the impact of nature on kids. One doctor writes nature-time as a prescription, to be taken often. Dr. Robert Zarr not only leads outside walks but has a database of parks for his patients.

Since we don’t want to become extinct like the dinosaurs, we need to take care of nature and ourselves as part of it. Can your family have some outside time and take a neighborhood nature walk?

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