November 11th: Veterans Day and Remembrance Day

Tomorrow is Veterans Day and Remembrance Day. How we can make this solemn day at all meaningful for kids? One way is by remembering the why.

Veterans Day Remembrance Day drawingRemembering the why honors the reason for the day and the people involved. Veterans and soldiers went to war so that we could all live together in peace. November 11th is the day Armistice was signed.

In some places around the world, soldiers are still involved in war, fighting for peace. Doing something kind for others is one way to walk the walk.

Being a preschooler, we may not take children’s actions seriously but children have kind hearts and generous natures. Research from Yale reported in Phys.Org concluded, “The researchers have found babies as young as six months old already make moral judgments, and they think we may be born with a moral code hard-wired into our brains.” Kids are able to do something for others and understand that it is kind.

What kids do will depend on opportunities in the community. Children might help make cookies for a senior in the neighborhood or sort through some toys to donate to a shelter or group. They could color some placemats for a Meals on Wheels program. A child’s drawing is often treasured by the elderly as a vital connection. With the approach of winter, many thrift stores could use donations of warm clothing.

Peace in our communities will depend on the empathy we have for others. Acts of kindness will encourage children’s caring and people connections. As we remember…

Is there some way you and your child can remember?

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