Valentine Love Bug Craft

Some crafts allow kids to be creative, like this Valentine Love Bug craft, instead of only following a specific set of directions where everybody’s looks the same. With some bits from the recycling box and craft drawer kids can make their very own love bugs.

love-bug-craftWe used some toilet paper rolls cut in half for the bug body. Painting or coloring the roll is one possibility but there were some squares of crinkly red tissue paper in the recycling. These were left from a box of oranges at Christmas. It was easy to roll the paper around the tubes and tuck in the ends. Using some pipe cleaners, Little Sister attached 2 black antennae.

love-bug-craftHow many legs does a bug have? Little Sister thought they had 4, like animals do, but Big Sister said bugs have 6 legs. She then asked if spiders had 6 legs too. Do you remember? Spiders have 8 legs. While they are creepy-crawly, spiders are not insects. We did some math and used 3 pipe cleaners folded in half to make 6 legs.

love-bug-craftIn a drawer in the sewing room, there are googly eyes. Usually. However, we must have used them and not put them back. By the time we located them, it was snack time so the love bugs got put on pause. Little Sister talked to it while she ate her snack and danced it beside her bowl of apple slices.

Although the Valentine love bug craft had some adult help, this part of it was certainly self-directed. Eating is often a social activity, and Little Sister wanted to socialize with someone, even if it was only a pretend bug from a craft activity. She used words her to make the conversation and moved the bug how and where it was important to her. It didn’t matter if the bug was missing its eyes. Sometimes, it’s hard for adults to let go of the details. Playing with the bug before it was done wasn’t part of the plan, but it wasn’t an issue for her. Would this bug you?


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