#11 Transportation Activities Playground Fun

Transportation activities playground fun is today’s play-of-the-day. Is there a playground in your neighborhood close enough for you and your child?

transportation activities playground fun

Most children’s playgrounds have some piece of equipment to do with transportation. One of Little Sister’s favorite playgrounds is the race car park. There’s a small blue race car for bouncing just right for 1 or 2 kids. She also likes to ride her bike there and back. We go fairly often, on hot days and cold, and dress for the weather.

transportation activities playground fun

In another playground, instead of a race car, there’s a bulldozer. Although kids aren’t building roads, they are certainly building muscle strength. As kids play on equipment, they are also developing both an awareness of how their body feels as it moves and of the body’s position in space.

transportation activities playground fun

Playgrounds are also lots of fun for imagining. The wheel is another common structure on playgrounds. Kids can imagine driving a car or steering a bus. It could be the wheel on a ship or on a big truck.

transportation activities playground fun

There might be a tunnel for trains. Although it sounds like a contradiction, imaginary play is one of the ways children interact with the world. They are trying out their ideas about the real world to see if they fit. Of course, they are also exploring fantasy worlds as they stretch what they know and think.

transportation activities playground fun

Besides the physical and intellectual stimulation on a playground, there’s also social and emotional. Kids will test their own developing abilities and challenge their fears. Something that was too high, too scary, or too fast last week might be okay this week. On a social level, kids practice taking turns, sharing, and waiting. These are basic social and emotional skills that come into play. It really is a playground.

Transportation activities playground fun delivers lots of learning too. Could some time on the the playground be part of your child’s day?


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