First Day of Fall Nature Walk – Connecting to Nature

The first day of each season we like to go for a walk to see signs of change. Would you like to come with us on our first day of fall nature walk?

We look up and down, and all around.
In the sky and on the ground.
In a bush and under a rock.
We see lots on a nature walk.

Just outside the door, tiny purple flowers have appeared on the plants in the pots.

The blackberries sure have changed. There are no ripe ones left. A few of them may continue ripening in the sun but it’s not warm like in the summer. The air is much cooler.

Red berries of different kinds are on some bushes and trees. These ones are for the birds and other animals to eat. This Japanese maple tree has purple leaves.

Leaves are changing color. A few trees down the road are yellow, orange, and red, and one is pink.

The grass and bushes are turning brown in some places. Pampas grass has almost silver feathers that wave in the wind. In some places, it’s classed as a weed because there are thousands of seeds.

Up high, the sky is light, bright blue. Two days ago after a fast, heavy downpour, there was a double rainbow out our window. It didn’t last very long.

As you and your child walk around the neighborhood, what kind of changes do you see for fall? Talk about them and how it’s different from the summer time. We don’t have to live in areas of vast wilderness for kids to connect to nature. There will be pots of nature on balconies and patios, hidden spots underneath rocks and along streets. Nature surrounds us in the midst of the city with sun, clouds, and sky. All we have to do is look.

Developing a connection to nature is critical for us. It’s part of our nature and we need to nourish it. Especially for kids. What will you see on your fall nature walk today?


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