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March into Fun: Magic, Math, and Leprechauns

Stories of leprechauns, rainbows, pots of golds, 3 wishes, and magical powers are especially appealing to children because kids are also little people. So much of their lives is controlled by adults that children feel they have no power at all. This idea is suggested in many stories where the children get swallowed up. Leprechauns, despite their small size, can do magic and that is a deeply-held wish of kids. There are many books and stories about leprechauns and other Irish traditions and folklore.Continue Reading

March into Fun with Books, Stories, and Activities #13

The story of Beauty and the Beast and today’s play-of-the-day can help young children deal with the common fear of monsters and scary creatures. After sitting and reading this story, it’s time to get up and move around. Ask your child to walk like a beast or monster. Then, kids can try hopping crawling, jumping, and, if there’s enough space like a whole yard or gym, running like monsters. Monsters can also make very scary faces and check themselves out in the mirror. Children can use toys to be the characters.Continue Reading

March into Fun with Books, Stories, and Activities #12

Cinderella is another fun fairy tale that can inspire play activities, not just for girls but boys also. After reading or telling this story, you can ask your child, “How would Cinderella get the ball if this happened today? Together, you can think of all the ways we have to travel. With blocks, lego, or other construction toys, kids can build some different ways for Cinderella to get around. The story of Cinderella can inspire some construction, art, and pretend play. Continue Reading

March into Fun with Books, Stories, and Activities #11

Sensory stimulation and play activities are vital for young children. The story of The Princess and the Pea inspires a play-of-the-day for the sense of touch. After reading this story, kids may want to explore their sense of touch. They can first lie down on the floor and test out how that feels. Then, they can put a few items down and check how they feel. One of the best things to feel is a hug. Can your child’s play-of-the-day include some fun for the sense of touch?Continue Reading

March into Fun with Books, Stories, and Activities #10

Books are important to share with children for more than just reading. Stories put clothes on bare words, unlike the emperor in the Emperor’s New Clothes. An underlying assumption in this story that clothes can give us information about someone. This is one of the reasons why children use clothes and costumes in their play. For a play-of-the-day, do you have some dress-up clothes your child can use? Playing dress-up is fun for kids—and adults. Costumes is a category in the Oscars.Continue Reading

March into Fun with Books, Stories, and Activities #9

Grab a basket and we’ll go along with Little Red Riding Hood for today’s play-of-the-day to have some fun with colors, walks in the woods, and picnics. After reading or telling the story of Little Red Riding Hood, how about some fun with the color red?Continue Reading

March into Fun with Books, Stories, and Activities #8

The tale of Three Billy Goats Gruff inspires a variety of fun activities for today’s play-of-the-day and encourages us to spend some time outside. Watch out for trolls! Making bridges is an obvious activity. Outside, instead of making bridges, you might be able to go for a walk to find one. Kids can run across the bridge and back…stop in the middle and check out the water below…tuck a few rocks in their pockets to drop over the side. Did you wake up the troll?Continue Reading

March into Fun with Books, Stories, and Activities #7

Goldilocks and the Three Bears is another children’s story that can be used as a play-of-the-day inspiration. What adventures can Goldilocks have at your house? After reading or telling the story, ask your child what might happen if Goldilocks knocked at your door. If Goldilocks came to our house, the first thing she could do is help make the oatmeal….Kids like to be helpful, and chores can be play to them. Once the jobs around the house are done, how about a cup of tea? Maybe the three bears would like to come for a tea party?
Continue Reading

March into Fun with Books, Stories, and Activities #6

Snuggle under a cozy blanket in case you get sleepy after reading the story of Sleeping Beauty and need a nap. Then wake up for some stimulating fun and play. With the time change coming up, this story is very timely, pardon the pun. The sense of time develops slowly for kids and needs lots of experiences. There’s a fun game about time that kids can play outside or inside in a big space called What Time Is It Mr. Wolf? After playing the game, everyone might need a nap. Sweet dreams.Continue Reading

March into Fun with Books, Stories, and Activities #5

The Little Red Hen will help us stir up some fun and learning with her story for today’s play-of-the-day. Do you and your child know this story? Making bread is pretty complicated, so maybe instead you and your child can make up some play dough. Set up some dishes, cutters, and tools and let your child play.Use your preferred recipe and mix up a batch. The Little Red Hen is a good story to use to talk about cooperation and sharing.Continue Reading

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