Fairy Lego Fun- Fairy and Elf Activities #12 for Boys and Girls

While there is fairy Lego, boys and girls do not need the special pieces; they can have fairy Lego fun as they build and imagine with any of it. (or Duplo) For a play-of-the-day, let’s create with Lego. Besides fairies, there are trolls, gnomes, sprites, pixies, elves, dwarves, imps, wizards, witches, and other fantasy beings. Plus, kids can invent their own creatures. Lego can be anything, just like imaginations.

lego play

*Younger hands prefer playing with the larger Lego or Duplo, but generally, it’s all called Lego.

Any creature needs a place to live, something to call home. Some might live in castles, some in forests, and others in houses or caves. Because these are imaginary creatures, there is no right way or wrong way to build. Kids are free to create whatever they like. Part of the appeal of Lego is that it combines both limits and freedom. The Lego bricks have straight edges and only fit together in a certain way. However, what kids can do with these plastic bricks is unlimited.play and learn with Lego

Lego and Duplo challenge kids physically, mentally, and emotionally. Building with bricks takes coordination of small muscles in the hands, fingers, and wrists. For the large muscles, there’s often moving around on the floor, as well as practicing keeping muscles still. Although we can’t see from the outside, brains are super busy organizing, deciding, planning, adapting, and concentrating. Emotions are in play too. When kids play with Lego, they are not only learning how to manipulate these little pieces, they are also learning to handle their emotions. They have to be patient and cope with frustration, adapting their ideas and wants as needed.rupunzel's lego tower

Lego blocks themselves are very simple; we can recognize a piece of Lego anywhere. What kids—and adults—can do with them is complex. Kids can create something different every single time they play, or make favorites over and over. Play with Lego and Duplo doesn’t require fairy dust to have some fairy Lego fun, but it’s still magic, isn’t it?
lego fun and learning

For more play ideas, check the 123kindergarten blog.  The magic is PLAY.

Telling Fairy Stories – Fairy and Elf Activities #11 for Boys and Girls

We’ve all heard of fairy tales, which are not always about fairies, but instead of reading about these adventures, how about telling fairy stories? This activity can be done inside, or outside, like we did on a forest and garden tour. Once upon a fairy…

Did you know that making up stories with your child is a super learning activity as well as lots of fun? Once upon a time there was a fairy who lived in a house in the forest…

fairy-houseAs adults, we take the basic structure of a story for granted but children are only beginning to understand that stories have a beginning, middle and end sequence. Some of them have dialogue. Stories are usually built around one event or idea. When you tell your child a story you will use this same structure even if you are not aware of doing so. As with so many things, kids need to experience this same pattern over and over before it gets recorded into their thinking strategies.

Telling stories instead of reading them gives kids a chance to make the pictures in their own heads instead of putting the book’s pictures in their minds. This is called visualizing. Creating pictures also exercises their imaginations, plus they link words and images using context and language. You model for your little one how to think on one’s feet and build on resources that are immediately available.

These are just a few of the ways that telling stories promotes development and early learning. As parent or caregiver you have extensive knowledge of what interests your child. You can start with a level and things that are familiar and expand them. 

telling fairy storiesYour stories can be about fairies,  faeries, trolls, elves, gnomes, sprites, imps, leprechauns, pixies, or other mythical creatures. Sometimes, kids will make up their own beings. Grimm’s Fairy Tales are over 200 years old. These stories come from ones told orally for hundreds of years before that. Stories and the story-telling tradition link us to the past and people all around the world. That’s  the magic and power of fairy dust. Could telling fairy stories be part of your child’s play today?

10 Ideas for Father’s Day Family Fun

Father’s Day and summer fun go together like…well, like kids and dads. Here are ten ideas for Father’s Day family fun. What does your family do?

  1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? How about a plate of some of dad’s favorites like waffles or pancakes. Kids can slice soft fruits and set the table. Little hands can help both with food prep and clean-up afterwards.
  2. Strap on helmets and put feet on the pedals for a ride on bikes. Instead of Row, Row, Row Your Boat, you can sing…Ride, ride, ride your bikes,
    Gently down the route.
    Merrily, merrily, merrily,
    Life is but a hoot.Father's Day family fun
  3. Rather than helmets, grab a sun hat (hopefully not an umbrella) and head out for a hike.Walk , walk, walk your feet,
    Gently down the path.
    Merrily, merrily, merrily,
    Life is but a laugh.
  4. Any parks close to your house? Kicking a ball around the park is a game where no one has to keep score, because everybody wins.
  5. Pack some of dad’s favorite foods for a picnic. Being outside adds another level of taste and turns a meal into a celebration.adventures for kids
  6. Going thru the car wash cleans the outside of the car, but who does the inside? Although this doesn’t sound like play, when we all help it’s not work either. Fill a pail with soapy water for the outside, fill a bag with trash from the inside, and dad will get to take out a clean car on Monday morning.
  7. Weather sometimes means we need to have inside Father’s Day family fun instead of outside. Bowling is doable for wee ones and big ones.
  8. Father’s Day is just one day but a cookie in a lunch bag says, “We love you Dad!” A sort of edible hug, bake up a batch of cookies dad can take with him all week. Again, little hands can help with the dough and the dishes.
    cooking with kids
  9. Water is a sort of clean mess. Throw some towels and dry clothes in a laundry basket and put it right beside the door—inside that is. Fill up some water squirters and get ready for action. Ready, aim, and get wet.
  10. At the end of a busy, active day, how about a pizza and a movie with ice cream cones for dessert? Which one is dad’s favorite to watch?

Sometimes, families have traditions they like to do each year; sometimes, they like to try a new activity. Hope this list has an idea for some Father’s Day family fun at your house.


P.S. Special thoughts to the dads who are in the military and can’t be home with their families. We are thinking of you and sending hugs!


Fairy Nature Soup- Fairy and Elf Activities #10 for Boys and Girls

Fairies, elves, gnomes, sprites, pixies, leprechauns, and other mythical creatures all live in the heart of nature, so they love fairy nature soup. Let’s make some. The recipe for fairy nature soup is simple. It starts with something to make the soup in like a bowl, pail, or pot. If there isn’t one available, no … Continue reading Fairy Nature Soup- Fairy and Elf Activities #10 for Boys and Girls

Fairy Play dough Fun – Fairy and Elf Activities #9 for Boys and Girls

Have you tried fairy playdough? It’s simple and fun with just two ingredients: cornstarch and conditioner. Big Brother played with it all afternoon. Mom Kate at LaughingKidsLearn.com shared the recipe. In a bowl, mix 1 cup of inexpensive hair conditioner and 2½ cups of cornstarch. These are approximate measures and you may need to add … Continue reading Fairy Play dough Fun – Fairy and Elf Activities #9 for Boys and Girls

Fairy Craft – Fairies and Other Creatures at Night in the Forest

We’ve done lots of outside activities for fairies and elves so this afternoon we did a fairy craft of fairies and other creatures at night in the forest. To start, we used a piece of black construction paper to look like night. We went outside and got a few small twigs from some bushes along … Continue reading Fairy Craft – Fairies and Other Creatures at Night in the Forest

Shovel Dirt Fairy Rocks Fun – Fairy & Elf Activities #7 for Boys & Girls

For a magical play formula we discovered a new one: shovel dirt fairy rocks fun. Big Brother loved it. For fairy rocks, we used small flat glass marbles. The dirt was in a big flower bed and the shovel shared the play with a few diggers and dump trucks. The glass marbles are shiny and … Continue reading Shovel Dirt Fairy Rocks Fun – Fairy & Elf Activities #7 for Boys & Girls

Block and Construction Play on Frank Lloyd Wright’s Anniversary

It’s easy to think of a play-of-the-day today, the 150th anniversary of Frank Lloyd Wright’s birthday – some block and construction play. We still admire his buildings in various cities across the continent. His reputation and teachings are admired internationally as one of the greatest architects. Does this photo of Frank Lloyd Wright’s lamp remind you … Continue reading Block and Construction Play on Frank Lloyd Wright’s Anniversary