Kindergarten Readiness – D=Develop

Technically, this isn’t a readiness skill. But it is an important reminder for us as we help prepare children for school. Kids Develop at their own rate and their own time. They will all have Different strengths and areas that need more guidance. There are some general levels of development but each child is unique. What skills start with D? Drawing, an almost forgotten one. Have you ever read the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain? The two sides of the brain are different. To over-simplify, the left side is verbal and logical, the right side is visual and creative. To give the right-side some exercise, set out some paper and crayons and have fun drawing. What shapes can your child draw? Does your child draw actions (primarily boys) or people and things? Ask your child to draw a person. The drawings can give us insight into children’s development.

To give the left-side some activity, too, play a giving directions game. For instance, here’s a fun activity with 3 directions: jump over the lego, touch your toes and give me a hug. Some children may need only 2 directions at a time, some can cope with 4 or more. Are Development Discussions (my child can…can’t and other kids can…can’t) positive or not for you? Any Dilemmas?

Kindergarten Readiness – C=Create

The Challenge for the letter C wasn’t finding a skill area that started with c. It was Choosing one. Categorizing, comparing, contrasting, counting, cutting, coloring, composing, etc. Creating crafts can use all those skills and more. Does your child have a particular interest? Dinosaurs, boats, fish, teddy bears, cows. Sometimes even very young munchkins have a fascination for something. While following directions (that’s for tomorrow) is an important strategy for today supply your child with some basic craft supplies and see what s/he can create: scissors, glue, paper, bits and pieces from the recycling, crayons, etc. Creating also promotes feelings of success and achievement. C U next time. (I Could sure use some help on skills that start with x and z, in particular and the other letters, too.)

Kindergarten Readiness – B=Balance, Balls

After a good Breakfast this morning, here are some skills that start with the letter B. Balance is the first one; it’s an important ability in motor control. Kids love to challenge their sense of balance as they walk on low fences, lawn edging, benches, and whatever else is nearby. As you go somewhere today is there somewhere your child can balance? Holding onto your hand, if needed. Or try standing on just one foot. Is this easy or hard? Hop on one foot at a time. Standing straight and tall is quite challenging with closed eyes. Make sure there’s somewhere soft to land.

Take a ball to the yard for some throw and catch time. Beach balls are easy for wee little ones to catch. Those vending machine bouncy balls sometimes deserve tickets for their erratic journeys. They go all over! Enjoy a book or more. Mmmm, is that something in the oven to bake? I smell cake. No, not today. C is tomorrow. C U. Add skill ideas Below.

Kindergarten Readiness – Pirates #12

What is a pirate’s favorite food? Fish and ships! To finish off this series of learning activities, pirates are going to look for treasure in the kitchen. Just in case they need some food for long trips here is a snack idea: a few chocolate ships, oops, chocolate chips, unsweetened cereal like cheerios, raisins, sunflower seeds, cranberries, … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness – Pirates #12

Kindergarten Readiness – Pirates #8

What do pirates collect? Treasure. What do kids collect? Tra…, well, they call it treasure. Seashells, rocks and coins are obvious items to collect. As are stickers, cars and trucks, and ponies. But there are other things, too. Collections can be all kinds of different objects from one place, one event, or from a trip or holiday.  A collection can … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness – Pirates #8