Holiday Activities

Two Easter Bunny Carrot Snacks Kids Can Help Make

What do Easter bunnies eat? They eat carrots and here are two quick, easy, and nutritious Easter bunny carrot snacks kids can help make. Yummy too. nutritious Easter snack

Carrots grow in a garden, in the dirt. To make a garden, open a tin of refried black beans. Using refried beans is much easier for mixing because they are already mashed. Kids can stir in a spoon of olive oil and a spoon of lime juice.  Kids do not like as much spice as adults so we only added a bit of cumin. It doesn’t take much to add a little flavor.nutritious Easter snack

Scoop this into a clear bowl and smooth down. The most fun part is planting the carrots in the garden. Little Sister did this by herself, using peeled baby carrots.

nutritious Easter snackFor the stem, adults need to poke a hole in the end of the carrot with a skewer. Poke in a small lettuce, celery, or spinach leaf or a stem of parsley. Rabbit-kids can munch on the carrots and dirt.

nutritious Easter snackFor a variation, instead of using black beans, open a tin of chick peas and make hummus. Drain the chick peas, and mash. Mix in a spoon or two of lemon juice and olive oil. Add some tahini (sesame seed paste) or nut butter. We skip the garlic at our house but do add cumin. Bunny-kids can plant carrots in this or just dip and munch.

Spending time together in the kitchen and cooking with kids is both fun and learning. Kids can help measure, stir, and mix. Even though the order of adding ingredients is not important in these snacks, there is still sequencing. The carrots can’t get planted until the black bean dip or hummus is made. When kids are part of the preparation, they are more likely to try different foods and make better food choices. These Easter bunny carrot snacks are great for between meals or maybe could they be an appetizer for the whole family?


Combine Kids, Nature, Easter For Spring Fun and Learning

For some spring fun and learning combine kids, nature, Easter and enjoy this treat. We’ve done this activity before and were just waiting for a day to do it again!

spring Easter nature hunt activity for kids

Do your kids like to hunt for Easter eggs? Crystal, at
Crystal and Co calls this Reverse Easter Eggs. Kids start with eggs and instead hunt for things to put in them. It’s a sort of I Spy for spring scavenger hunt. Open 12 plastic eggs and place the larger half of each in an egg carton. Using just 6 doesn’t work, because then there are 2 items in each egg when you put them back together.  Then, dress for the weather and head outside for treasures to put in each.  This is what happened last time.

There were some wonderful spring surprises, like tiny little flowers hiding in the grass. Nature always has treasures such as bark, rock, twigs, dried seeds and pods, and other things down low at kid-level. Both Big Sister and Little Sister enjoyed looking for bits of nature. We tucked one item in each egg. Big Sister carefully closed them and we brought them back into the house. Opening the eggs to see what was hiding inside added to the fun.spring, Easter, and nature hunt activity for kids

With some sun on them, the rain puddles all around were sparkling like tiny jewels. We couldn’t put them in an egg but were happy to leave them outside. We left the daffodils outside too, almost like little suns.

Easter egg hunt nature kids

In a recent article for the New York Post, Naomi Schaefer Riley wrote, “nature provides a laboratory for kids, enabling them to make observations about their environment and allowing their brains to recharge.” Time in nature provides other benefits too, for physical and emotional development, like lowering stress and anxiety and increasing creativity, problem-solving, self-regulation, and social skills.

Instead of treasures at the end of the rainbow, these were kids, nature, Easter and spring treasures in the rainbow colors of Easter eggs. And maybe in the heart of a child too?

Easter Fun Children’s Books, Songs, Games, and Traditions

Now that it’s almost here, it’s time for some Easter fun children’s books, songs, games, and family traditions. Let’s start the Easter fun with stories.

Easter children's books

Children’s Easter books range from traditional stories to fanciful ones about eggs, chicks, bunnies, and spring. Deborah Underwood and Claudia Rueda worked together for the book, “The Easter Cat.” Usually in children’s books, the illustrations support the story, maybe adding a few details the story line doesn’t have. Many books include dialogue so when adults read to kids, we can change our voices to signal the different characters. In “The Easter Cat” kids can be the voice of the cat because what cat says is shown in pictures. Cat uses facial expressions and holds up signs that kids can read to tell part of the story. Some kids might need to be encouraged to be the voice of the cat. We can ask questions like, “Hmm, Cat is holding up a sign. That looks like hearts. What do you think that means?”

Kids soon catch on and check the signs for Cat’s part of the conversation. This book really reinforces the ideas that text is pictures written in words and that reading is an interaction.

Books are only part of the package that makes any holiday special. Two simple songs are:

1 little, 2 little, 3 little Easter eggs.
4 little, 5 little, 6 little Easter eggs.
7 little, 8 little, 9 little Easter eggs.
10 little Easter Eggs.

Easter active body playInstead of eggs, kids can sing about 10 little fluffy chicks, or 10 little Easter baskets, or whatever else they think of. For an action song, change the word Happy to Hoppy and sing, “If you’re Hoppy, and you know it.” You can use the clap hands and stomp feet actions or use bunny ones like twitch your nose, or hop around.

A simple Easter game is Hopscotch. Bunnies love the game hopscotch. They also love to play Hide n’ Seek.

Easter fun for kidsFamilies will have their own traditions for this time of year. That might include special baking, coloring and hiding Easter eggs, visiting family, or camping for the first time in the season. We brought out the decorations for Easter. The Easter bunny made from a yellow plastic egg (left-side of photo) with pipe cleaner ears has lost nose, eyes, whiskers, and tail but the kids remember how he used to look and remind me he needs fixing.

Are there some Easter Fun children’s books, songs, games, and traditions at your house?

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