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Wear Red Day for Healthy and Happy Hearts

Wear Red Day happens in February just before Valentine’s and it reminds us to keep our hearts healthy. Healthy living starts when children are young. For some heart fun today, besides wearing red, help children find their heart with their hands and try to feel it beating. In the book “Hear Your Heart” by Paul Showers, kids make a homemade stethoscope with just a paper roll or cardboard tube. Besides healthy, hearts also need to be happy. Valentine’s is a special celebration for caring and sharing with others. That helps hearts feel good.Continue Reading

Valentines and Dinosaurs

This play-of-the-day combines 3 ingredients, a book, movin’ and groovin’, and dinosaurs; what an awesome combination for kids and valentine fun. While dinosaurs may not have had big hearts for feelings, this story will warm hearts, and minds, and bodies. Sharing books boosts language and reading. This story also helps kids understand emotions in themselves and others. The movement fun is just a warm up for more exercise for kids. Would you agree there are lots of reasons why this book is dino-mite?Continue Reading

Children Are Not Too Young: A Legacy of Service

MLK Day may not be celebrated in every country of the world, and here, there or wherever you live, your family can participate in the message. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?'” Children may be young in years but they still have an amazing depth of compassion for others. Here is a poster of 10 Ways for kids to serve.
Continue Reading

New Year’s Resolutions vs Bucket List Wishes for Young Kids

When parents and caregivers think of young children and resolutions, we include things that are important, like play, exercise, nature, and healthy foods. But the word resolution does not have a positive reputation….On the other hand, a bucket list has a very different image. When it comes to resolutions and bucket lists, kids and grownups need both. They are like two ends of a teeter-totter, and together they give some balance.Continue Reading

Capture 2015 for Your Child with a Joy and Happy Jar

Have you seen the idea of capturing special moments of the year by writing a few words on a slip of paper, then keeping the papers in a jar for next new year’s? These are called Happy and Joy Jars, or maybe Smile or Gratitude, and what a wonderful idea to do with kids. To create a jar, you don’t even need to start with a jar. It could be a…container. Young children will need our help to write things down, but they can draw a picture of a smile or happy face on the paper beside the words. Then, in a year we get to remember them together. Does your family have a happy jar?Continue Reading

New Year’s Wishing Star Wands for Kids

The New Year has started and this year, instead of only resolutions, how about adding in some wishes for kids that encourages them to hope and dream? On several blogs, I’ve seen this wonderful idea for wishing wands made with stars. We used sparkly pipe cleaners and popsicle sticks and made some wishing star wands. What are your wishes for the new year?Continue Reading

New Year’s Eve Bubbly, Fizz and Dancing Fun for Kids

While adults have champagne for New Year’s Eve, kids can have their own bubbly with some baking soda and vinegar that absolutely fizzes with fun! o make the bubbly, kids put a big spoon of baking soda in each glass, then they carefully pour in the vinegar. The vinegar bubbles and fizzes up and up, soon…right over the top. For the dancing fun, kids can drop a few raisins into the glass of fizzy liquid. Kids love to explore and create. Isn’t it amazing how this science activity is so appropriate for New Year’s Eve? Continue Reading

Make Some Noise for New Year’s with a Homemade Noisemaker

New Year’s Eve is coming with more holiday excitement! While noisemakers are traditional, did you know for kids they stimulate all kinds of brain connections? To welcome in the new year, kids can make their own. Surprisingly, plastic spoons inside 2 pie plates make lots of noise! As kids explore and play with noise, they are also discovering rhythm. A simple noisemaker can be part of both fun and learning. Isn’t that something to celebrate?Continue Reading

5 Ways Kids Can Say Thank You for Christmas Gifts

Do your kids groan that it’s too hard when you ask them to say thank you for their Christmas gifts? Do you think preschoolers are too young to say thank you? Children 3 years old and up can say thank you and here are 5 fun ways to do just that: Phones, Notes, Pictures, Photos or Videos, Cookies or Kisses. ecret codes, cookies, and sparkles add fun for everyone. Do you have some other creative ways that kids can say thank you?Continue Reading

Any Outside Toys for Christmas for Outside Play Time?

Were there any outside toys under the tree at Christmas, such as a wagon, sled, toboggan, bike or trike, or other riding toys? These are popular items and kids love to be active outside. Now that the busiest part of the holidays is over, the family may be able to go outside and play! Besides the exercise for muscles, being outside also boosts children’s immune system and increases Vitamin D. Not just bodies, but brains get exercise too.Continue Reading

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