Holiday Activities

Kindergarten Readiness – Halloween Stories

At Halloween, ghost stories are traditional but extra scary. Telling stories is another way to explore and create with language, use special vocabulary, help kids practice putting events in order, visualize and imagine, and more. Kids learn to use clues to figure out what is real and what is pretend. These are all great skills for kindergarten readiness. What other kinds of stories then can we tell to and make up with little ones? Just about anything. Here’s some ideas to get you started.

Once upon a time there was a witch who had a very mixed up broom. When she wanted to fly up the broom went down, when she wanted to fly down the broom went up. One day she wanted to go visit her friend but …

Once upon a time there was a skeleton who liked to dance. He liked to shake and twirl and jiggle his bones. But sometimes he danced so hard that he just shook himself all apart. It wasn’t easy getting all his bones back in the right places. He needed an idea…

 Stories have the advantage that they can be told anywhere: on the bus, waiting in line at the check-out, making supper, even in the tub. While some people call stories a language bath, I like to think of them as a deposit in kids language accounts. The more deposits, the more experience kids have with language and the better prepared they are for learning. 

 Since it’s Halloween, maybe, could we say that stories are brain treats? (P.S. This is a photo of mini-chocolates. Mmm.)

Kindergarten Readiness – Halloween Books

Reading books to little ones is one of the most vital kindergarten readiness activities that you can do at home or in your care center. Currently, Halloween storybooks are everywhere, including at the grocery store.  I purchased a few for school at a dollar store. The photo shows two stories that I love to read at Halloween. In Halloween With Morris and Boris, Morris the Moose doesn’t know anything about the Halloween scene until Boris the Bear explains it all. This is a very funny book that kids will love. Mousekin’s Golden House is an old favorite and and has a super idea for what to do with a left-over jack-o-lantern. These two stories are wonderful treats! What’s your favorite story to read outloud? Are the kids goblin them up?

Kindergarten Readiness – Halloween Fun

With Halloween creeping closer and closer we can take advantage of the energy and enthusiasm and sneak in a little help around the haunted house.

Magic Spell to Make Toys Disappear:  Abra-ca-dabra, abra-da-dear. Toys in the toybox. Make them disappear!!  (The quicker, the better and use lots of spooky oo’s and creepy ee’s when picking them up and tucking them away. )

Magic Potion For Laundry:  Ha, ha, you dirty clothes. You will not be able to resist the magic potion of water and soap. Into the washing machine and do NOT come out until you are clean! Clean as can be.

Magic Potion For Dishes: Dirty dishes, dirty dishes. Water and soap and you shine like wishes.

Sound effects, cackles,  being the voices of the clothes or the dishes or the toys as they beg to not go in the water or toy box (“Oh, please, please. I am just a little sock, don’t put me in the washing machine.”  “In you go, sock. You thought you could hide under the bed, did you? But we were too smart for you. And, now, in you go -o-o.”) all add to the fun. This playing with language, adding the magic ingredient of imagination, pretending and taking on different roles, and interacting with others are all part of kindergarten readiness.  

There, didn’t that make having to do that work a whole lot better? Now,does anyone have a magic spell to make lunch or dinner?!

Kindergarten Readiness – Halloween Math Snack

Cooking with kids can be fun–if the recipe is easy. Kids enjoy creating and tasting. Plus, the measuring, counting and adding are math skills used in a meaningful way. This recipe is called Monster Mix and fits right in with Halloween. It’s great for having at home, or taking a small container with you to keep … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness – Halloween Math Snack

Kindergarten Readiness – Halloween Math

To understand numbers and develop number sense your child needs lots and lots of experience counting, making groups, and talking about numbers. Kids learn best through play, so here’s some ways to play with numbers and boost kindergarten readiness at the same time. Choose a couple of these ideas that match your child’s level. 1. … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness – Halloween Math