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What Makes Summer Magical for Kids? Movement Fun!

Movement Activities Are Magical Summer is here and to all of us, play takes on a new dimension. Each season has its own highlights but summer means more time to be outside. For many families, one way to be outside is to go camping. Camping reduces our “house” to the size of a bedroom, butContinue Reading

When Are Kids Old Enough For Organized Sports?

Are you thinking of registering your child in a sports league? Many parents and caregivers are keen to register kids in a sports league or community club and wonder if their kids are old enough. To answer that question needs more information about how it’s organized and about the individual child. Here are some pointsContinue Reading

Word Cup Soccer for Kids–Outdoors and Indoors Too

Kids seem to be on the move and physically active all the time, but as parents and caregivers we still need to find ways to encourage and support vigorous movement activities. Vigorous physical play is important for early learning and development and for kindergarten and school readiness too. With hotly contested games at practically anyContinue Reading

What Makes Childhood Magical? Part 9: Active Play

The Magic of Active Play Abracadabra and Hocus Pocus might be magical words, and what words would be the opposite, especially to a child? I can think of two: Be still. The command to be still is not just unmagical, it’s practically torture. Did you know that kids need to move their bodies? That movementContinue Reading

Valentine Fun and Learning Movement Game

Do you find that besides the wonderful Valentine’s crafts, you could use an idea for some physical activity? Here’s a fun game with lots of actions and movement that also helps with kindergarten readiness. It was inspired by the need to use up some energy on a winter day when we could not go outside.Continue Reading

Kids Connect to Sports, Sports Connect to Super Bowl

Kids connect to sports, sports connect to the Super Bowl and to one child in particular. If you have been watching trending videos this week, you may have seen the one about the 12 year old boy with a heart condition that means contact sports could be life-threatening for him. But he loves football andContinue Reading

Kindergarten Readiness Fun with Sock “Snowballs”

Are there some socks missing their mates at your house? Give them a new purpose that’s fun and supports active play, early learning, and kindergarten readiness at the same time. Thanks to Rebekah and kids, at The Golden Gleam, for this fabulous idea. Using a basket of socks without mates, the colored ones were rolledContinue Reading

Winter Outside Time Whatever the Weather

Not everywhere has winter weather for snow fun, but everywhere will be having weather. Playing outside supports the healthy development of both bodies and brains, and kindergarten readiness. There are countless funny stories about getting kids dressed to go outside and play in the winter time only to have them need to go to theContinue Reading

Kindergarten Readiness: Christmas Active Play

Is your child getting enough big muscle activity? With much colder seasonal weather, there are more inside the house days than outside but young children need vigorous physical exercise and movement activities, for healthy bodies and brains. These are important not just for fun, but for learning and kindergarten readiness. The brain uses movement forContinue Reading

Halloween On The Move

Are the kids getting plenty excited about Halloween? To channel that enthusiasm how about some big muscle movement activities for fun, learning, and kindergarten readiness? Followed by some calm, quiet ones? At a recent book sale, I found an inspiring story for different ways to move, called Twist With A Burger, Jitter With A Bug,Continue Reading

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