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Kids Christmas Yoga Poses – Fun and Calming (also for Grownups)

Excitement growing at your house? Here are a few kids Christmas yoga poses shared from last year that are both fun and calming. Hmmm…maybe adults need them too.

holiday yoga for kids

Catch a Snowflake: Go down on all fours, kneeling on your knees. (This is the table pose.) Lift your head up, tilt it back, and open your mouth to catch snowflakes on your Christmas yoga

A Holiday Heart: This time of year touches our heart. Lie all the way down on a mat, press down with your hands and lift up your heart (upper body).kids Christmas yoga
The Candy Cane: Your body will almost look like one. Stand on two feet and stretch high over the head with two hands together. Curve the upper body over to the right and take a deep breath. Let it out and come back to the middle. Now curve over to the left, deep  breath, and back to the middle.

Christmas yoga for kids

The Snowball: Curl down, down, into a ball on the floor.

space yoga for kids

The Star: Stand with your two feet wide apart. Then stretch your arms out to each side. Your body will be like a big X or a star.

yoga for kids

The Christmas Tree: This is the tree pose. Put the palms of hands together and stretch over the head to make a star. Stand on one foot and put the other foot on the knee to make a triangle. It’s hard to balance on one foot and easy to fall over. That’s okay because it takes practice to stand on just one foot.

Yoga works on different levels. Physically, it promotes strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, concentration, and body awareness. On a mental level, the movements build important connections in the brain. This creates pathways that are also used for math and language. Social and emotional skills like cooperation, confidence, and self-regulation  are enhanced with yoga. Yoga helps increase confidence and decrease stress and anxiety.

All of us can use these kids Christmas yoga poses. Do you and your child do any yoga?


Autumn Activities and Movement Fun #5: Fall Yoga for Kids

Today’s play-of-the-day is some fall yoga for kids. No matter the season, kids absolutely need to move, not only for bodies but for brains too.

Movement activities can include vigorous whole body ones like going to the playground, racing around in the yard, jumping on a mat in the living room, or running up and down the hallway. They can also be ones that help kids slow down, stretch, and balance. Yoga is super for this. These fall yoga for kids ideas help boost energy and relax.

yoga for kids

This time of year, trees are losing their leaves. Little Sister loves to do the tree pose. To be a tree, stand with feet together. Next, balance on the left leg and lift up the right foot. Slide it up the straight leg and point the right knee out to the side. Balancing on one foot is pretty tricky for little ones and they may only get their foot up a little way. It’s okay if the tree is wobbly. Trees have high branches so slowly lift arms into the sky. Slowly lift the arms high over the head until hands touch so high the hands touch together.

Yoga also helps us tune in to the power of our breath. Because the weather is getting cooler and food is getting harder to find, many birds are flying south for the winter. The website, Kids Yoga Stories, has a flying bird breath suggestion. Start by standing with feet together and arms down by the sides.

“Imagine being a bird flying through the sky. On your next inhale, lift your arms over your head, touching your palms together. Then on an exhale, bring your arms back down to your sides, touching your palms to your outer thighs. Continue this flow for a few minutes: arms up as you inhale, arms down as you exhale.”

This is so energizing, it almost feels like we could fly. In the autumn, lots of garden vegetables and fruits rest on the ground. Pumpkins, acorns, and apples are some we might see. To be a pumpkin on the ground, kneel down on knees and sit back on your heels.

fall yoga for kids

Kneel down and lower your body to sit back on your heels. Slowly bring forehead down to the floor in front of knees, arms beside legs. Some kids like to bend their elbows and have arms beside the chest. Take a few deep breaths. This is a restful pose when kids need to regroup. Stretch arms along the floor until your head is all the way down. Some kids like to rest with arms out in front, and some bring their arms back by their sides. This is usually called the child’s pose. Big Sister is doing this one.

Fall yoga for kids is another great way to move and have fun. Would you and your child like to try?

Space Activities #19: Space Yoga for Kids

Space yoga for kids combines yoga and imagination to give both young, developing bodies and brains some stimulation. Together, it’s out of this world.

space yoga for kidsOuter space is full of stars. Our sun is a giant star. An easy yoga pose is the star pose. Kids stand with legs apart and arms outstretched. Two hands, two feet, and one head make five points, just like a star. Kids can imagine they are a star high up in the sky and far away in space. What might they see looking down on the world? Stars give light and the sun warms the Earth. What does it feel like to be light?

space yoga for kidsThe sun is for day and the moon is for night. The moon is not always the same shape. Since it sometimes has a crescent or letter C shape, there is a yoga pose called the crescent moon. To make this shape, kids stand with feet together. Hands stretch high up in the sky with palms together. Curve the body over to one side and then to the other. The moon is far away, but not as far away as the other planets of the sun.

Only twelve people have ever walked on the moon. What might it be like to go to the moon?

yoga for kidsTo get to space, we use rockets. Rockets are a tall, straight shape. Trees are that shape too so this pose is named the tree pose. Start with feet together. Balance on the left leg and bend the right knee out to the side and slide the foot up the left leg. Slowly lift the arms high over the head until hands touch together, pointing up. Imagine how exciting it would be to be a rocket.

Squatting is such a natural position for children. We often see kids squatting as they play. From a squat, kids count down. When they get to blast off, they can jump up from the squat and zoom around.

There is, of course, more to yoga than this but it’s a beginning. In her article, 7 Ways Kids Benefit from Yoga, Karen Fabian writes:

“Yoga helps kids to:

  • Develop body awareness
  • Learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way
  • Manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement
  • Build concentration
  • Increase their confidence and positive self-image
  • Feel part of a healthy, non-competitive group
  • Have an alternative to tuning out through constant attachment to electronic devices”

There are discoveries for inner space not just outer space. Would your child like to explore some space yoga for kids?

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