Developmental Checklist Thank You 1

1. Thank you for taking an interest in your child’s kindergarten readiness!

2. Welcome to 1 2 3 Kindergarten’s developmental checklist

3. Just before you start …

Each child is unique. Even though children will follow a similar pattern of development, each child has unique strengths, challenges, and needs.

Please remember, this it is NOT an evaluation of children. Rather,
it is a quick, ball-park measurement of children’s development.
And each child is unique!!

every child is unique 123kindergarten

Developmental Checklist

Click here to download your Kindergarten Readiness Developmental Checklist

Children develop at their own pace and in their own time. Nevertheless, by the age of five, most children have developed certain skills and abilities contained in the checklist.

This is by no means a comprehensive developmental checklist.

These are general indicators that can be used as a guideline tool to help you evaluate your child’s readiness potential

As you go through the items on the list, you can jot down yes or no. If you prefer pictures to words, mark a check or a circle. Once you have gone through the page, you will likely notice a mixture of yes and no. This does NOT mean you need to panic. It indicates that your child could benefit from some extra time and attention to these issues. And the best time to give your child that support is now.

I know you have heard and read this many times before, and you will continue to hear this as your child goes through school: children develop at different rates. Even a page covered with all checks doesn’t entirely predict kindergarten readiness. You must also factor in how your child learns. You know your own child best.

Going over this checklist is just another way to look at the question of readiness.

Over the next few days, watch your child and your inbox. I’ll follow up with you about ways to support your child’s learning and development. In the meantime, PLAY! It’s how we all learn!



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