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Olympic Art Activities for Kids: Olympic Games #12 – Art Wins Medal Too

Olympic art activities for kids aren’t just crafts. Nor are the Olympics just about sports. Did you know at one time, there were Olympic medals for art?

Olympic art for kids

From 1912 to 1948, art competitions were part of the Olympics. Medals were awarded in five categories for art inspired by sport. Sports and art do not contradict each other. In a way, the Olympic Games showcase them together. Think of the colors and designs that create a background for the sporting events.

Olympic art

Flags, fireworks and displays welcome crowds of people. Logos, team uniforms and costumes are crafted by professional artists. The gymnastics and synchronized swimming would be less visually rich and sensory if all the athletes wore just black.

Olympic art

For a change of pace and events, how about some Olympic art activities for kids? Get out some art materials and supplies as an invitation to play.

  • Olympic art for kidsSidewalks are like arenas for chalk art. Kids can draw in a much larger scale than with paper. When playing with chalk in driveways, be very careful of cars.
  • painting activities with kidsOutside or indoors, kids can paint. Did you see how artistically the walls are painted in Olympic facilities? A backyard fence makes a good wall and the paint can be plain water. Fill a bucket, give kids a wide brush and let them wash paint the fence.
  • shape art activities for kidsBesides paper, kids may enjoy painting on a large box. Several paper towel and tissue rolls dipped into different colors make an entire page of Olympic rings.

Crayons and makers are useful for more than walls. Got any old paperplates? They are an unusual alternative to sheets of paper.

teaching art to kids textureArt happens in 2-d and 3-d. The recycling basket often holds some great items for re-created art. So do kitchen cupboards. The wheels and the bottle cap on this picture are round like Olympic medals and make great art.

Sport and art share many aspects. Both include rhythm and form. One Olympic athlete won a medal in each. What kind of Olympic art might your child create?

Space Activities #14: Chalk Moon Footprints

Is it really the 47th anniversary of the moon landing? We couldn’t walk on the moon so instead we made chalk moon footprints on the patio. What a fun play-of-the-day and space activity idea.

chalk moon footprint activiity
Edwin Aldrin, NASA via Wikimedia Commons

When he walked on the moon, Neil Armstrong said, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Because there is no atmosphere and erosion from wind and water, the footprints are still there. Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin took a photo of one of his.

chalk moon footprints

Maybe from hearing about it on the news or listening as we talked around the table, when we went outside to the patio, Little Sister took off her sandal and traced around it with sidewalk chalk. She asked for help with the tracing but colored inside the outline by herself. Unlike the moon, where the water is frozen, she dipped a paint brush from the outside toybox and painted over it with water. Then she scrubbed at it with an old dish brush which is another sort of toy. Soon, her footprint had disappeared. Big Sister made one too.

chalk moon footprints

Drawing is another sort of expression for kids. It starts with scribbles and lines as kids discover they have the power to make marks. Later, their marks represent something and we may be able to recognize what it is. Not all drawings though will look like an object. Sometimes kids just draw shapes and colors but whatever they do, it will be meaningful for them.

chalk moon footprints

For some fun today, give kids a few sticks of sidewalk chalk and let them draw and color. Sidewalks, patios, decks, and driveways are like giant pieces of paper with lots and lots of space. Even if they are not coloring any planets, asteroids, rockets, stars, or chalk moon footprints, it can still be a space activity. Can they fill up the space? Wonder if the astronauts were tempted to draw in the dirt on the moon?

Fun with Sidewalk Chalk and Rainbows

Children’s play sometimes grows from what’s happening in their world. The weather itself inspired rainbow fun with sidewalk chalk for a with sidewalk chalk

Yesterday afternoon, the sun came out after the rain and there was a beautiful rainbow across the sky. Usually, we only see an arc but this one was a semi-circle. The one up above inspired another one far below, created with chalk on the sidewalk. With possible scattered showers it likely won’t be there for long, but it was fun for little hands to do.

Drawing on the sidewalk appeals to kids for several reasons. At this age, the small muscles in the hands and arms are still developing so coordinating all the necessary actions is tricky. It’s a challenge to draw with pencils and crayons on a sheet of paper. Sidewalks and driveways are very much bigger so it’s easier for drawing. As kids play with sidewalk chalk, they don’t have to sit on a chair or stand at an easel. They get to move all around. Legs and arms can go in any direction.

When kids draw on the sidewalk, not only does the family get to appreciate it, so does anyone else who walks by. Usually, the reaction of those passersby is positive. Children get smiles and compliments on their work. They get to interact and be noticed.

Even a line on a sidewalk or driveway makes an impact. Not all kids will be able to create a picture of something but random scribbles are still appealing. They are big and bright and easy to see. There’s a bit of mystery and magic too. Sidewalk art can change. It disappears after a while but kids may not see how it happens. Until then, it’s exciting to check and see if it’s still there.

A simple activity, this fun with sidewalk chalk had another plus—some time outside. Would this be a play idea for your child’s day?

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