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Fairy Snacks: Fairy Fruit Magic Wands and Fairy Berry Smoothies

Fairy snacks are fun and easy to make with fruit. We made fairy magic wands and fairy berry smoothies too. They are nutritious and yummy to eat.fairy fruit snacks

Fairy fruit magic wands can use almost any fruit you have at home. After washing our hands so we couldn’t taste any fingers, Big Brother helped slice a banana while I topped some strawberries.fairy fruit snacks

Together we made one magic wand with strawberry, banana, and pineapple chunks on a skewer. We put them on in a pattern: strawberry, pineapple, banana/strawberry, pineapple, banana. Then, Big Brother made his own. He chose to use only strawberries and bananas and, for the most part, put them on in a pattern too.fairy fruit snacks

Patterning is an important thinking skill. It helps reduce the volume of information so, whenever possible, we play with pattern sequences. Kids need lots and lots of experiences to figure out how patterns work. After making the fairy fruit magic wands, we slid the fruit back off the skewers and ate them up.

Berry and fairy sound almost the same. To make the smoothies, we used raspberries and strawberries. Blackberries aren’t ready yet here but they would be good too. So would blueberries. After washing hands and fruit we added them to the blender with some yogurt and a bit of honey. Blend until smooth, pour into cups, and slurp with straws.

fairy berry smoothie

Cooking with kids encourages more skills than patterning and rhyming words. There’s following instructions, doing steps in order, basic science, special language, measuring, counting, comparing, and others. When children are involved with food preparation, they are more aware of what they are eating and more open to trying new foods. They develop a partnership with foods instead of only consuming them. Being part of the preparation and the clean-up also promotes a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. We all enjoy being part of the group, kids included. They feel they are able to contribute to the family too.fairy fruit snacks

These fairy snacks were easy and healthy. Magic wands weren’t needed for taste, but added to the fun. Any kitchen fairies at your house?

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Dancing Buttons Fairy Water Science Experiment – Fairy Activities #18

This dancing buttons fairy water science experiment is a twist on the popular dancing raisins activity. It’s fun to try something a little different.fairy water science experiment for kids

Raisins dance up and down in clear soda pop. We’re used to seeing things sink in water or float, but not usually both. The bubbles in the soda carry the raisins up. When the bubbles all pop, the raisins sink back down. We called the soda pop fairy water and tried some different items.Halloween science for kids

There were some shiny sequin shapes left-over from our fairy play dough fun. First, we had to check if they would sink in plain, ordinary tap water. When we placed them flat on the water in a jar, they floated but when we dropped them in sideways they would sink and stay on the bottom. Now that we knew they would float, we were ready to try them in the fairy water. Big Brother and Little Sister said they would float. Big Sister said they would do both. Baby Brother was napping and didn’t express his hypothesis, even though he has plenty of opinions at other times.fairy water science experiment for kids

When we dropped the sequin shapes in the fairy water, they stayed on the top. The only way they would sink even a little bit was if we stirred them and poked them. So then we tried buttons. The kids looked thru the button box and choose 5 small ones each. We checked in the plain tap water that they would sink. They did. We talked about what would happen in the fairy water. Although the kids thought they would float, I suggested they might be too heavy. We put in all 15 buttons at once.

fairy water science experiment for kids
What a show! The buttons danced up and down and up and down. We watched them for the longest time and checked on them periodically after that. After about 15 minutes, there were fewer bubbles so the sequin shapes would sink a little if we poked them. It took longer for the bubbles to build up enough for the buttons to rise but there was still action.

fairy water science experiment for kids

Simple science activities can be such fun. We’ve added a variation to the raisins to make our own dancing buttons fairy water science experiment. Any suggestions for what we can try next?


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Fairy Writing Fun – Fairy and Elf Activities #17 for Boys and Girls

Not all kids are interested in pencil and paper activities, but it helps to turn them into play – like this fairy writing fun. Have you ever seen any? Who knows what fairy writing looks like? Since none of us have ever seen any, one idea is as good as another. We can ask kids the question and let them show us what they think.

fairy writing fun
photo courtesy of MFair

Kids can choose something they would like to write with. Paper and crayons are one possibility. Markers are nice and big and easy for little hands to use. Some kids will like to use only one color, while others will want to use them all.

fairy writing fun

Fairies and mythical beings are small, but their writing might not be. After all, they can use the whole sky. For bigger writing, kids can use chalk on a chalkboard or easel. A whole sidewalk is bigger still, but not as big as a whole driveway. Watch for cars to be safe when playing on driveways.

fairy writing fun

Kids can also try fairy writing with sticks in the dirt, or fingers in sand, or brushes and paint. play in sand and dirt

Children’s first early writing is scribbling. They will pass thru several stages as they develop writing skills. About the age of 2½ to 3½ years of age, we may notice lines and patterns in the scribbling. For children who have looked at lots of books as we read to them, they gradually use scribble shapes that resemble letters. All kids need lots of play experiences with tools and books so the brain can become familiar with how letters look. Fairy kids would need to look at fairy books. fairy writing funOne of the most important things for kids to understand is that writing tells us something. The squiggles and scribbles are ideas written down. When kids are creating their fairy writing, we can ask what the fairy –or elf, imp, sprite, leprechaun, gnome, or whatever creature most interests your child, is trying to say? Since we are not fairies, we can’t read it so we need kids to help. For a play-of the-day, might your child like to try fairy writing fun?

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