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Dinovember: Draw a Dinosaur for Preschoolers

draw easy dinosaur stepsDid you know that drawing is a powerful activity for early learning and brain development? Not all kids enjoy drawing but dinosaurs are pretty appealing. Kids–and adults–do not have to be good at it!! It’s a form of PLAY.

When it comes to drawing, it’s very challenging for me. I really appreciate when the drawing is reduced to a set of easy steps. The website Draw with Rich had an amazing dinosaur. Here are the steps that we used, with apologies for the missing photo that shows the arms and the legs. You can see them in the colored picture.

Instead of paper, kids can try this on a chalkboard or an easel with felts or paint.

When kids are drawing and coloring, kids are exercising both muscles and brains. It’s easy to see how children are using the small muscles in their hands, fingers, wrists, and arms. It’s not so easy to see how brains are focusing and paying attention as well as coordinating movements using drawing tools. The brain is making pictures in the mind as the body is making pictures on paper. Making mind-pictures is called visualization and it is an important thinking skill.

drawing a dinosaur Just as we use words and language to communicate, we also use pictures to tell about experiences. Children can draw pictures to share with others. As kids both create and explain about their drawings, they will be using language too, such as the words for colors and shapes, and entire sentences. Adults have figured out that pictures hold meaning, but this is something that kids need to learn. Drawing also stimulates the imagination of children. The dinosaur and egg poster was done by a 5 year old boy and his mom together.

This is just some of the early learning and brain development potential when kids draw. As a reminder, we do not have to be good at drawing in order for it to be fun. Does your child enjoy this kind of play? Do you?

Drawing Soccer & Elsa Helps Learning

At our house, the match isn’t between 2 countries, it’s between soccer and Elsa. What’s happening at your house? Good thing it’s possible to have fun with both. With an inside day weather-wise, it was time to get out the crayons and markers for some drawing play. Did you know that drawing is a powerfulContinue Reading

All We Really Need To Know We Learn From Play

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Playground Fun, Learning, and Kindergarten Readiness #7

While waiting for time in the day to go to the playground or park, kids can draw about it for fun, learning, and kindergarten readiness. Drawing is both a play and a learning activity. When kids are drawing and coloring, they are exercising both muscles and brains. It’s easy to see how children are usingContinue Reading

Kindergarten Readiness/Christmas Drawing and Coloring

Children can have fun with crayons and colors –and paper and walls– any time of the year and develop some important kindergarten readiness skills and strategies. Christmas has super ideas of things to draw, some easier for younger children and some harder for those older and especially interested in drawing. Drawing a circle sounds simpleContinue Reading

Some Handy Ideas for Kindergarten Readiness: Drawing

Instead of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, for some kindergarten readiness learning and fun draw on some paper. (You are allowed to groan at that joke if you remember the book by that title.) Drawing can help the development of brain connections and small muscle control. This is a drawing of aContinue Reading

Kindergarten Readiness – Easter Fun & Learning #5

When it comes to drawing, I’m not far beyond the kindergarten readiness level. Some children will love to draw and some will be barely interested, but encouraging kids to draw helps with all kinds of brain connections. Easter bunny going all around Eye-hand coordination is one of the obvious brain connections as children learn toContinue Reading

Kindergarten Readiness – Spring Fun & Learning Activities #4

Encouraging kids to draw also encourages kindergarten readiness. Wee little ones start out with random squiggles and scribbles that develop later into recognizable shapes and objects. Some kids love to draw and their talent shows at the age of 3 or 4! For other children (and many adults) drawing can be a struggle. Drawing has lotsContinue Reading

Readiness for Kindergarten – Hearts & Other Parts, Part 4

We might not think of paints, pencils, markers, and crayons as tools but for kids they are learning tools. Maybe that’s why we sometimes find evidence of colors on walls; kids weren’t scribbling but building. Pictures and drawing are another form of communication, just like words and speaking. Some children would rather draw than talk and some kidsContinue Reading

Readiness for Kindergarten – Holiday Writing & Drawing

While learning the letters of the alphabet is not a requirement for all kindergarten programs, some familiarity and letter knowledge will help every child when it comes to basic kindergarten readiness. Motivating a young child to practice printing letters of the alphabet can be quite tricky. Printing is not an easy activity for kids–the necessaryContinue Reading

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